“Hard 90” 90-days of flow for players 9-12 years old

by Dr. Ismael Gallo
“Hard 90”  90-days of flow for players 9-12 years old


The purpose of baseball flows is to develop the players coordination patterns and athleticism. This is accomplished by tapping into ingrained motor patterns we developed as children.  Motor patterns that allowed us to develop from laying, rolling, scooting, crawling, walking and running.


(30 exercise environments to learn to master flow)  

The flows are arranged into exercise phases that are meant to be used as single workout sessions, I'm which players can choose to progress from phase to phase or explore different phases as needed. 

The 9-12 year old program is mostly body weight exercises.  In my experience, 9-12 year-old players require retraining, recalibrating, rewiring and reprogramming because of the current decrease in activity and movement literacy.

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Why Flow?

As a former player in the Dodgers Organization and currently a physical therapist working with baseball players, I have found that Flow proceeds athleticism.  It is the smooth transitions from movement pattern to movement pattern and posture to posture. Flow transcends movement for true athleticism is mastering the flow between environment, individual and task.  What we must realize is that movement in baseball doesn’t happen in a vacuum it is part of an ecosystem.

Flow is the conduit for our movement system.  Flow allows kinetic energy to travel up the Kinetic chain from one pattern to the next.  Like the flow of water from one river to the next.  The best baseball players have the best flow. 

Almost every single injury in baseball occurs in the crucial transitions from movement pattern to movement pattern and posture to posture.

Why are we not training the transitions?

In my experience, baseball is a very tradition based game.  Specially, when it comes to training.  There's teams still training with exercises I was performing over 20 years ago.  The jump in injuries is not a coincidence.  Athletes started hitting the weight room harder, but not necessarily smarter.  They built non-sport specific muscles.

After everything I’ve learned as a physical therapist, I wish I would have trained my athleticism a lot better.  As a professional baseball player, I trained very rigid and non-baseball specific movement patterns.  What I have found in over a decade of working with baseball players is that flow from one movement pattern to the next develops athleticism very quickly.  This allows the player to perform better on the baseball field.  What I learned from working with a player like Tommy Pham is that a player can train for power and speed and still lack neuro-developmental motor patterns.

Coaches are recruiting the best athletes.  One way of standing out is by training athleticism.  Opportunity cost is too great in baseball.. Imagine  driving in the wrong direction for 6 months and then having to circle back, except now there’s a traffic jam. un-training bad movement patterns  takes twice as long than training new ones.

One of the biggest issues in training for baseball is that we’ve been training patterns, speed and power without training flow.

Start training in a game changer system.  Feed the flow.


1 Baseball flows: Intro 5:49
Phase 1: Mobility and Stability
2 Phase 1: S-Mount 2:55 3 Player demo: S-Mount 0:39 4 Phase 1: Diagonal plank 1:36 5 Player demo: Diagonal plank 0:25 6 Phase 1: side plank 2:08 7 Player demo: Side plank 0:20 8 Phase 1: Squat 1:41 9 Player demo: Squat 0:21 10 Phase 1: Bridging 1:40 11 Player demo: Bridging 0:20 12 Phase 1: Half-kneel 1:51 13 Player demo: Half kneel 0:21 14 Phase 1: Fire Hydrant 1:17 15 Player demo: Fire hydrant 0:28 16 Phase 1: 90-90 Hold 1:35 17 Player demo: 90-90 Hold 0:26 18 Phase 1: Running Man 0:58 19 Player demo: Running man 0:30
Phase 2: Recovery Flows
20 Phase: S-mount to S-mount flow 1:34 21 Player demo: S-mount to S-mount flow 0:16 22 Phase 2: S-Mount to S-Mount 1:28 23 Player demo: S-mount to S-mount 0:21 24 Phase 2: Pull thru 1:55 25 Player demo: Pull-thru 0:25 26 Phase 2: Half kneel airplane 1:13 27 Player demo: half kneel airplane 0:30 28 Phase 2: S-mount to half kneel 1:54 29 Player demo: S-mount to half kneel 0:21 30 Phase 2: S-mount to hip lock 1:03 31 Player demo: S-mount to hip lock 0:18 32 Phase 2: S-mount to oblique reach 1:24 33 Player demo: S-mount to oblique reach 0:28 34 Phase 2: S-mount to running man 1:00 35 Player demo: S-mouth to running man 0:15 36 Phase 2: S-mount to squat 1:05 37 Player demo: S-mount to squat 0:33 38 Phase 2: The Windmill 1:17 39 Player demo: The windmill 0:18
Phase 3: Hip / Shoulder separation
40 Phase 3: Wall airplanes 1:15 41 Player demo: Wall airplanes 0:18 42 Phase 3: Around the world 1:30 43 Player demo: Around the world 0:26 44 Phase 3: Kettlebell 90-90 to tripod 1:55 45 Player demo: Kettlebell 90-90 to tripod 0:50 46 Phase 3: Kettlebell S-mount to full kneel 2:01 47 Player demo: Kettlebell S-mount of Full kneel 0:28 48 Phase 3: Kettlebell swing to lateral lunge 1:29 49 Player demo: Kettlebell swing to lateral lunge 0:22 50 Phase 3: Side plank to hip lock 1:16 51 Player demo: Side plank to hip lock 0:36 52 Phase 3: The boxer 2:23 53 Player demo: The boxer 0:34 54 Phase 3: Wall lunge rotations 1:23 55 Player demo: Wall lunge rotations 0:36 56 Phase 3: S-mount to lateral jumps 1:50 57 Player demo: S-mount to lateral jumps 0:17 58 Phase 3: Swing for the fences 1:39 59 Player demo: Swing for the fences 0:21

The Coach

Dr. Ismael Gallo was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 20th round of the 1996 draft.  Dr. Gallo played 5 porofessional seasons. He has been working as  a sports Physical Therapist specializing in baseball players since 2010.

As a Physical therapist, I am always searching the best and most up to date movement patterns.  As a professional, I searched for a competitive advantage. So, I am bringing you both.

Why Flow?

Flow is the conduit from one movement pattern to movement pattern and posture to posture.  This allows kinetic energy to flow up the Kinetic chain from one pattern to the next.  Like the flow of water from one river to the next.  The best baseball players have the best flow. 



“Man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it.”

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