Bulletproof your rotational athlete: Injury Prevention (Arm Care)

by Dr. Ismael Gallo
Bulletproof your rotational athlete: Injury Prevention (Arm Care)


Bulletproof your rotational-sport player with as little as 10-20-minute workouts.  Building an injury-free and powerful athlete that performs at their peak levels is a process. There are no shortcuts.  You cannot skip any steps and it begins from the ground up.  Injuries are a result of rushing the process and narrow movement-action capacity.  This module is a part of the Hitting Links Movement System, which is a progressive exercise prescription that is built on science and professional baseball expertise and experience.  It improves movement pattern efficiency and increases the athletes movement capacity. 


Research studies have found that 1:1000 youth baseball players will miss a year of playing and showcasing due to injury. Up to 74% of youth baseball players, ages 8-18, report some degree of arm pain when throwing.  3-15% of baseball players will experience back pain.. 12-20% of athletes between the ages of 14-17 will experience pain during their career.  


A great predictor for future injury is a history of injury.  Injuries change the body and these changes are prolonged and stubborn.  Movement control also changes following injury.  Affected areas are no longer loaded or activated.  Due to increased sensitivity to stimuli in those areas, changes can persist for years after the injury in the form of dysfunctional and inefficient movement patterns.  Moral of the story is that your athlete is healthy until they are not.  Our Hitting links  Movement program will recalibrate the athletes dysfunctional movement patterns before and after injury for the purpose of decreasing the risk for future injury and improving performance.


In 2019 Sakata et al. performed a level 1: random control trial, in which they implemented a warm-up exercise consisting of dynamic mobility and several other exercises.  After one year of performing the warm-up, researchers found that 1 in 1000 athletes suffered an injury compared to 3 in 1000 in the control (non-intervention) group.  So when is the best time to begin an injury prevention and prehabilitation (prehab) routine? Yesterday, would be the answer. 


This course will consist of 10 systems based exercises for the purpose of developing emergent posterior chain neuromuscular and fascial sling efficiency.  Bulletproof your rotational athlete.


This course provides a method of motor learning via exploration, adaptation ,external foci of attention and goal-oriented exercises.  We allow the exercise and the athletes body to do the teaching.  Our athletes learn through guided discovery and kinesthetic “feel” and external goals. The athlete is encouraged to explore all 10 exercises to increase the variability of demands on the athlete’s neuromuscular and fascial system. 


The Coach

Dr. Ismael Gallo was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 20th round of the 1996 draft.  He played 5 minor league seasons finishing his career with a .300 batting average.  After his professional baseball career concluded, Dr. Gallo received a bachelor’s in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton.  Thereafter, Dr. Gallo enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Loma Linda University.  In 2010, Dr. Gallo graduated from Loma Linda University.  The following year he was accepted into the Kaiser Permanente Orthopedic residency program, which is a highly sought-after post doctorate program that is limited to 30 participants nationwide.  Dr. Gallo completed an MBA program  in 2019.  For the past 10 years Dr. Gallo has been the sports specialist at Kaiser Permanente Riverside with emphasizes on baseball athletes.  Dr. Gallo’s story is very inspirational because it is a prime example of how baseball can develop great life skills, which Dr. Gallo utilized to go from High School dropout to Doctor. Dr. Gallo’s passion for baseball and science led him to co-founding Hitting Links.  

In my experience, I have found that baseball players are training rotational patterns either too narrow or improperly, which can be causing injury or inefficient movement patterns. Having played baseball and studied the science and medical side at a high level, I provide parents and players with a great filter for injury prevention and peak performance training. 


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