Chaz Lytle Baseball Bunting
by Chaz Lytle

Down by one run and your first batter walks.  Moving the runner to second and into scoring position is just a sacrifice bunt away.  Have you spent enough time in practice preparing the batter for this situation?  Do you have the confidence that they batter will get the job done?  Having good bunting fundamentals will give your team a chance to win the game. This video offers the strategies and techniques of bunting.

1 Bunting 01:40

ChazLytleBaseball Chaz Lytle Batting Title Champ Pittsburgh Pirates. (03) UGA ALL-Time SB champ. (O2) MLB Scout School Graduate

Chaz Lytle, MiLB Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title Winner, University of Georgia All-Time Stolen Base Champ, MLB Scout School Graduate, Owner and President of Chaz Lytle Baseball / Orlando Baseball Lessons. 

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