Chaz Lytle Baseball Tee Placement
by Chaz Lytle

The tee is absolutely one of the best hitting tools around. Inside every major league clubhouse you will see a tee. There may be different variations of it, but the concept remains the same. The better you can get at utilizing the tee, the better your hitters will become. The tee is an excellent tool for showing the hitter where in the hitting zone pitches need to be hit and an excellent tool for creating muscle memory.  In this video, Chaz Lytle, MiLB Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title winner, show proper tee placement like the Pros do it.

1 Tee Placement 03:54

ChazLytleBaseball Chaz Lytle Batting Title Champ Pittsburgh Pirates. (03) UGA ALL-Time SB champ. (O2) MLB Scout School Graduate

Chaz Lytle, MiLB Pittsburgh Pirates Batting Title, UGA All-Time Stolen Base Champ, MLB Scout School Graduate and Owner / President of Chaz Lytle Baseball / Orlando Baseball Lessons.

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