Mental Game of Baseball

About this course:
Are you mentally tough enough?  Do you spend time practicing the mental side of baseball?  Do you realize that this is a skill and that it can be dramatically improved?

The Cognitive Advantage Program (CAP) course will teach you the HOW of the mental side of baseball. It will impact your game as much as anything you can do. The techniques that you will learn will have lasting effects on your game and on your life.

The Problem: 
Baseball coaches spend 95% of practice time on the physical side of the game. This is not a fault - they need all the time they can get to mold and polish the team. These same coaches know how important the mental side of the game is, but don't have the resources to teach it. Instead, they rely on the game itself to teach these valuable lessons - the hard way and the long way. They teach as lessons unfold based on circumstance. If they knew how to be more proactive and teach the lessons like in the CAP, as a process and as a system, they would jump all over it.

Do you want to speed up the process? Do you realize many things considered physical skills could be dramatically improved upon if approached as a mental skill? Vision, reaction time, and focus are examples of a few critical areas where you can excel compared to your competition - if you learn how!

The Solution:

Take the Cognitive Advantage Program's - 4 module, 37-lesson course.  You can't just talk about the mental game.  You need to plan it, groom it, and practice it.  Imagine how crummy of a hitter or pitcher you would be if you just talked about it, instead of practicing it over and over.  Just talking about the mental game is the most common approach. This systematic course will guide you to a place that you dream about. Put action into your dreams.

CAP Manual
1 CAP Manual
Module 1 - Building a Playing Philosophy
2 Intro to CAP 07:01
3 Mental Blueprint 04:10
4 Left brain vs. Right brain 07:32
5 Definitions of Success (Hitters Context) 07:30
6 Definitions of Success (Pitchers Context) 04:50
7 Performance Goals 09:48
8 Action Goals or Game Actions 07:37
9 Non Verbal Action Goals 06:24
Module 2 - Performance Created by Action
10 Summary of Performance Goals & Action Goals 13:19
11 Performance Goals – Process 04:54
12 Performance Goals – Final Form 05:00
13 Action Goals – Process 08:21
14 Action Goals – Samples and Final Form 05:55
15 Achievement Goals 10:50
16 Achievement Goals – Hitting Context 05:10
17 Achievement Goals – Pitching Context 07:43
18 Summary – Call to Action! 05:03
Module 3 - Imagery and Visualization
19 Imagery / Visualization Science 09:42
20 Baseball Specific Exercises 04:35
21 Practice in Non Baseball Setting 05:00
22 Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation 09:46
23 Baseball Specific Imagery – mostly hitting context 16:38
24 Baseball Specific Imagery – Increased Pressure 13:55
25 Baseball Specific Imagery – pitching context 28:12
26 Positive Imagery Flash – PIF 09:19
27 PIF Practice – hitting context 05:53
28 PIF Practice – pitching context 05:51
29 PIF Practice – fielding context 05:13
30 Linking 08:01
Module 4 - Routines and Mindsets
31 Routines and Mindsets Introduction 04:50
32 Three Ways to Change a Mindset 01:53
33 Play In The Now – mostly hitting context 10:50
34 Play In The Now – defense and pitching context 03:58
35 Power Words 03:16
36 Routines 04:28
37 Science of Practice 13:20
38 Making Connections 02:40

BaseballCAP BaseballCAP Baseball Mental Game

Rick Harig is one of the leading Performance Coaches in the country. His feel for the game comes from actually coaching it for 25 years.  He has impacted hundreds of baseball players from youth all the way to Major Leaguers with the CAP.  Not only has Rick done dozens of seminars for high-level college teams, but he has also worked in player development with the San Diego Padres.  As one of his former bosses once said, "Rick is there to speed up the learning curve...   get our guys to the Big Leagues faster...".  Rick also has scouted for 3 different MLB teams.  He is big on mental makeup and has some interesting techniques to help make organizations know if a player's confidence will change as he faces more and more challenges on his route to the top.  Currently, Rick is just consulting and not working for any one team.

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