Scouting Pitchers

A must watch if you want to know what scouts are looking for in pitchers. 

In this video, Full Time Scout Max Semler goes over what scouts look for in pitchers. He talks about body types and athleticism. He covers arm action and delivery, going over look for's, concerns and red flags.  He then talks about the "stuff", Fastall, Curveball/Slider and Change up. What makes all of these effective. The next to last video covers command and control, extremely important when evaluating pitchers. The final video is a summary. 

If you are a coach and are interested in what scouts look for and why, this will be very informative. For pitchers, this will give information needed to help with your development. The arm action and delivery section alone will be extremely informative, this section may help you prevent an injury in the future, may help you clean up a command/control issues.

Max has found the perfect blend of giving the important information needed for coaches and players without getting into to much detail.

1 Intro 03:03
2 Arm Action 06:49
3 Delivery 04:03
4 Fastball 02:57
5 Action Pitches 02:30
6 Change Up 01:20
7 Command Control 02:28
8 Summary 02:01

MaxSemler Max Semler MLB Baseball Scout

Max is in his 23rd year as a full time scout. He has worked for the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals and currently employed with the New York Mets covering  N Texas. Max has signed current  Major League Players Clint Robinson and Logan Verrett, he has also drafted  and signed other Major League players in the past. In addition to his scouting duties, he also coordinates the New York Mets Fall Scout Team in Dallas which has had 1st round draft picks including Beau Burrows and Trent Clark and many other high drafts and major college players. This fall scout team plays 3 games against Junior Colleges. If is made up of the best HS prospects in the Metroplex. 

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