Fake Pull-up Crossover Jumpshot Drill

One of our highest rated drills from the online course is the Fake Pull-up Crossover Jumpshot

Make a dribble attack move at/inside the 3 point line with the non-dominant hand. 

Set your feet with the 1-2 Step footwork then fake a pull up jump shot by going into a crossover dribble then shoot a pull up jump shot.

ChampProductions Championship Productions Instructional Videos and DVDs for Coaches and Athletes

The world’s number one producer of instructional coaching videos, Championship Productions, and Austin McBeth, a former player for Iowa State’s basketball team (and now a college coach), have collaborated on a new online training tool for aspiring basketball players called ‘Smart Basketball Training.’The online video basketball training tool was developed over the past two years by McBeth, an assistant coach at DMACC, who finished the 2015 season ranked #4 in the D-II JUCO rankings. McBeth works as Smart Basketball Training’s Lead Trainer for the online video training program.

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