Training in the Triple Threat - 34 Ways to Create Space
by Ganon Baker

World renowned for his unique teachings of the "Triple Threat", Ganon Baker brings his 30 years of experience to make you a lethal scorer without every needing a dribble.

In this instructional basketball video course, Baker breaks down over 30 different moves out of the "Triple Threat" position using on-the-court demonstrations with players of unique skill sets. Showing the how-to and using your favorite NBA players as a reference you will have more than enough to start translating these skills into your own game.

1 Intro 01:04
Chapter 1: Foundations of the Triple Threat
2 Five Foundations 01:23
Chapter 2: Richard Hamilton Series
3 Hamilton: Catch and Shoot 00:47
4 Hamilton: Catch and Go 01:06
5 Hamilton: Training Wheel Drills 00:44
6 Hamilton: Chair Cuts Drill #1 00:34
7 Hamilton: Chair Cuts Drill #2 00:34
8 Hamilton: Catch and Sweep 01:15
Chapter 3: John Lucas Series
9 Lucas: Toss and Catch Drill #1 00:32
10 Lucas: Toss and Catch Drill #2 00:24
11 Lucas: Catch and Go 01:00
12 Lucas: Catch, Fake, Shoot 00:40
13 Lucas: Toss and Catch Drill #3 00:32
14 Lucas: Toss and Catch Drill #4 00:30
Chapter 4: Kevin Garnet Series
15 Garnet: Rocker Step 01:00
16 Garnet: Cone Drill #1 00:40
17 Garnet: Cone Drill #2 00:29
18 Garnet: Cone Drill #3 01:05
Chapter 5: Allen Iverson Series
19 Iverson: Commando Drill 00:39
20 Iverson: Catch, Jab to Side 00:46
21 Iverson: Catch, Fake One Way, Go Another 00:43
22 Iverson: Catch, Read, Go 00:27
23 Iverson: Step Back 00:34
24 Iverson: Dance Step 00:33
25 Iverson: Catch and Fade 00:37
26 Iverson: Catch and Jab 00:19
27 Iverson: Stay Low, Stay in the Line 00:40
28 Iverson: Catch, Jab, Fake, Shoot 00:59
Chapter 6: Lebron James Series
29 Lebron: Catch, Ball Wrap Fake 01:15
30 Lebron: Catch, Pass, Fake 00:26
31 Lebron: Catch, Pass, Fake, Go 00:43
32 Lebron: Catch, Jab, Fake, Shoot 00:59
Chapter 7: Finish with your Feet
33 One Two Step 00:52
34 Jump Stop 00:52
Chapter 8: Dance Step
35 Dance Step: One Two Step 00:45
36 Dance Step: Jump Stop 01:06
Chapter 9: Coach Six Drill
37 Coach Six Drill 01:09
38 Conclusion 01:09

GanonBaker Ganon Baker Professional Basketball Skill Coach

Ganon Baker is a Nike Skill Development Trainer and Workout Director. He has worked with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Vince Carter. He trains the top 80 boys and girls in the country for Nike Basketball and directs skill academies all over the world, including The Michael Jordan Brand Classics in Europe. In 2008 he was hired as Amare Stoudemire’s Personal Skill Development Coach and has trained over 200 NBA/WNBA players

Baker played for Hampton High School and helped the Crabbers win the 1989 State Championship. Ganon received offers from over 20 Division I schools and chose Duquesne University in 1990. As a freshman starting point guard, Ganon was named to the All-Rookie Team of the Atlantic Ten. He later transferred to UNC-Wilmington where he won the CAA conference’s first Dean Ehler’s Leadership Award. In addition, Ganon played briefly for summer leagues in Austria and France and for many pro-am leagues here in the states. After college, Ganon decided to further his education. While in graduate school, Ganon started his coaching career as a graduate assistant. After receiving his master’s degree, Ganon continued developing his coaching career as an assistant coach for the Belmont Abbey men’s team in North Carolina and for the Coastal Carolina University men’s team in South Carolina.

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