Breaking Down Malzahn 2018

by Football For Coaches
Breaking Down Malzahn 2018


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If you’re anything like me, you love to watch college football and see what the latest coaches are doing that you can add to your program.

Included in this course are 34 new playbook breakdowns from my research of the 2017-2018 Gus Malzahn Auburn Offense specifically for coaches looking for NEXT level research in less than half the time it takes to do it yourself.  

Have you ever wanted to learn exactly what a proven, top-level, Division 1 program does that will help your team run at a 2-minute pace the entire game, have a balanced attack, run over defenses with Buck Sweep, use misdirection in every play, stretch the field and throw the book at those Defensive Coordinators with specials and fight song plays?

Coaches around the country asked for it and we delivered!

Presenting our NEWEST CoachTube Course: Breaking Down Malzahn

My team and I at Pro Style Spread Offense have been working hard to break down these plays that will give you a step by step process to understanding and implementing whatever aspect of the Malzahn Offense you would like to learn about.

Get started now by booking here and find out:

 - The core beliefs behind Malzahn's offensive philosophy.
 - How Auburn uses option and RPO's to attack defenses in multiple ways.
 - The one simple adjustment to the Mesh Route for Air Raid Teams that makes it easy for QB's to win every time.
 - How Malzahn uses three simple blocking schemes but makes his offense look more complex than any other.
Watch all 34 Video Breakdowns side by side with All-22 Sideline and End Zone Views.

No other course covers everything Malzahn like this one does. 

If you don't like it or aren't 100% satisfied, simple ask for your money back and we will return it. 


2 Auburn Playbook Breakdowns
Video Breakdowns
Auburn vs Alabama Game
3 Pro Stack L, Z Motion Iso Weak 1:59 4 Z Motion Iso Weak Clip 0:27 5 Doubles Stack Bubble RPO 2:40 6 Doubles Stack Bubble RPO Clip 7 Throwback Y Screen 2:03 8 Throwback Y Screen Clip 9 Wildcat Fake Jet Jump Pass 1:47 10 Jump Pass Clip 11 Fight Song - Unbalanced Empty Bubble 2:49 12 Unbalanced Empty Bubble Clip 13 Pro Left Sprint Switch 2:05 14 Sprint Switch Clip 15 Wildcat Jet 15 Split Zone 3:07 16 Wildcat Jet 15 Split Zone Clip 17 Wildcat Split Zone Read 3:07 18 Wildcat Split Zone Read Clip 19 Doubles R Tight, Stack Pyramid Mesh 2:53 20 Stack Mesh Post Clip 21 Double R Tight Stack Pyramid Mesh Clip 22 X Over Stack R Power R 1:58 23 Over Stack R Power R Clip 0:19 24 Doubles R 10 Draw 1:38 25 Doubles R 10 Draw Clip 0:19 26 Wildcat Jumbo Jet 18 Buck Sweep 2:57 27 Wildcat Jumbo Jet 18 Buck Sweep Clip 28 Split L H Bubble L 21 Zone Lock RPO 1:43 29 Split L H Bubble L 21 Zone Lock RPO Clip 30 Wildcat Jumbo Jet Reverse Pass 3:05 31 Wildcat Jumbo Jet Reverse Pass Clip 32 Stack R Split Zone (21 Personel) 2:38 33 Stack R Split Zone Clip 0:27
Auburn vs Georgia Game
34 Naked Y Cross 1:50 35 Buck Naked Y Cross Clip 36 Stack Zone Bubble RPO 2:38 37 Stack Zone Bubble RPO Clip 38 Wildcat Jumbo Right Jet Power 2:57 39 Wildcat Jumbo R Jet Power Clip 40 F Shift Split Zone RPO 1:47 41 F Shift Split Zone RPO Clip 42 Z Mesh Pyramid Wheel 3:50 43 Z-In Mesh Pyramid Wheel Clip 44 Trips L H Flare Screen Left 1:53 45 Trips L H Flare Screen Left Clip 46 Gift-89 Max 5:32 47 Gift-89 Max Clip 48 Bluff Reverse Crack 1:40 49 Bluff Reverse Crack Clip 50 Split F-Motion Reverse Left 3:37 51 Split F-Motion Reverse Left Clip 0:28 52 Trips L F-IN Zone Bluff 1:27 53 Trips L F-IN Zone Bluff Clip 54 Wide Bunch Left F Slow Screen 3:24 55 Wide Bunch Left F Slow Screen Clip 56 Trips XZ Stack Zone RPO 2:56 57 Trips XZ Stack Zone RPO Clip 58 Stack Twins L Jet Power R 3:04 59 Stack Twins L Jet Power R Clip 60 Shift to Unbalanced Trips L Bubble L 2:42 61 Shift to Unbalanced Trips L Bubble L Clip 62 Jet Power R Reverse L 3:58 63 Jet Power R Reverse Left Clip 64 Stack I Jet Power R 1:33 65 Stack I Jet Power R Clip 0:29 66 H Sprint R Screen Left 3:24 67 H Sprint R Screen Left Clip 68 Bonus Course Breakdowns of Malzahn Playbook

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Football For Coaches

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Pro Style Spread Offense is founded by Jason Hahnstadt who has been studying the game of football as a coach since his playing days at Taylor University in 1999. His passion led him into a variety of coaching positions where he enjoyed learning new systems at multiple levels. Jason is as passionate about coaches education as he is about coaching the game of football.

He was also the first coach to pioneer taking the flipped classroom into physical education and coaching under the influence of John Bergman, the pioneer of the Flipped Classroom Movement. As an author, Jason has been published in John's book titled "Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement".

Currently, Jason teaches Elementary Physical Education in Chicago's North Suburb of Kenilworth and is also the founder of The Pro Style Spread Offense Football System.

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Football Coaching Experience:

Special Team Coordinator, Varsity, 2012 – 2013, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois

Offensive Coordinator, Varsity, 2009 – 2011, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois

Defensive Coordinator, Varsity, 2007 – 2009, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois

Offensive/Defensive Line, Varsity, 2005, Muncie South Side High School, Muncie, Indiana

Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 2000 to 2004, Taylor University Football, Upland, Indiana (Under Head Coach Steve Wilt)

Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 1999 to 1999, Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois (Under Head Coach Andy Lambert)

Ratings and Reviews (8)


Great Job and insight in breaking down each play! well worth the money

Apr 4, 18 01:45 PM

Adrian Readus

Great work Coach

Mar 27, 18 07:21 PM

Alonzo Coley

great detail

Jul 19, 18 08:36 AM


Great breakdown, loved every aspect of the course

Jul 24, 18 12:12 AM

Brant Anderson

A lot of info on how Auburn uses many formations but the threat of jet sweep creates a simple window dressing to run their base plays and complementary plays.

Nov 25, 18 07:07 PM

Clay Wiggins

Really like the course!

Jan 23, 19 08:25 AM

Kevin Moritis

Great course, well done and took a lot from it

May 21, 20 05:37 PM

Tyler Ferreria

Commentary was meh but lots of plays that are creative and not seen in other playbooks that are on here. Love some of the reverses, screens, use of unbalance line and trick plays. Lots of plays and get access to another 250 page playbook after completion. Recommend getting this one if you enjoy breaking down new and unusual plays

Dec 30, 21 10:54 PM

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