Thoughts on Tempo

by Thad Wells
Thoughts on Tempo


So what is tempo when it comes to football? The word gets thrown around all the time, but do we really understand it?

Tempo in the football world is the pace of play at which an offense chooses to play at. It's a decision that must be made on every down.

Not too long ago there was only one tempo really used. Today there are a lot of tempos to choose from. Here is a list of possible tempos:

  • Traditional Huddle
  • No-Huddle (Fast)
  • No-Huddle (Slow)
  • Sugar Huddle
  • Dynamic Huddle
  • Freeze
  • Look
  • Repeat
  • Play List
  • 2 Minute
  • 4 Minute

So which tempo should your team use? And if you’re a defensive minded coach, can your system handle each tempo?

Going by data is very hard in the game of football. But just relying on your beliefs can also be challenging, especially when your beliefs may just be dogma that have never been examined. 

So what’s the answer? 

One option is to develop a strong understanding of all tempos and a strong understanding of your team. Once you have both of these you can make the best decision for the pace of play at which your team can execute. Ultimately the pace that will put your players in the best position to be successful.

This video shares thoughts on tempo. It covers all the tempos listed above and poses questions that we should all think about to gain an understanding of tempo. 

The video also goes into specifics on a new type of tempo, the Dynamic Huddle.


The Coach


Thad Wells

2018 AFCA 35U Selection and State Champion Head Football Coach


Thad Wells was a head high school football coach for four different programs in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. He is now a college assistant at the University of Virginia. Thad is known for his creativity and thoughtful approach to life and the game of football. The way he runs his program is unique, his offense is unique, and how he teaches the game is unique.

Thad was a 2018 AFCA 35 Under 35 selection and he won a state championship in just his 2nd year as a head coach.

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