Cheer Champs: Elite Stunts and Inversions

by Britten Blackburn


Raise the bar for your squad by dazzling spectators with these new elite stunts and inversions! Britten Blackburn presents more than 10 high-difficulty level stunts complete with demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for each member of the stunt group. This advanced cheerleading coaching course is intended for experienced coaches and squads with very high level stunting abilities.

Elite Stunts covered in this course include:

- Full Up to Extension, Twist Cradle Dismount
- Full Up to Extension, Double Twist Cradle Dismount
- Switch Up Heel Stretch, Retake back to Heel Stretch, Twist Cradle Dismount
- 1 3/4 Up to Liberty, Retake, Arabesque, Straight Cradle Dismount
- Front Walkover Inversion to Full Up Extension, Double Twist Cradle Dismount
- Ball Up to Prep, T-Drop, Supported Inverted Flip Dismount
- Ball Up to Straddle Sit, Reload to Extension, T-Drop, Supported Inverted Flip Dismount
- Supported Backflip, Reload, Liberty, Retake Scale, Twist Cradle Dismount
- Supported Backflip to Smush, Show & Go, Retake, Full up to Liberty, Twist Cradle Dismount
- Back Handspring, Supported Backflip, Full Up to Heel Stretch, Twist Cradle Dismount


1 Intro 01:27
Elite Stunt and Inversion Demo
2 Elite Stunt Demo #1 00:52 3 Elite Stunt Demo #2 00:27
Full Up Stunts
4 Step In Smoosh Full Up Top 00:58 5 Traditional Full Up Grip Review 03:02 6 Crossfooted Full Up Grip 00:52 7 Crossfooted Full Up Grip: The Breakdown 02:31 8 Stag Full Up 02:07 9 Full Up Off the Ground 00:36 10 Full Up Off the Ground: The Breakdown 01:32 11 Full Up Off the Ground: Back Spot and Flyer Breakdown 01:55 12 Double Downs 02:38
Switch Up
13 Switch Up Liberty 00:51 14 Switch Up to Heel Stretch: Part One 00:50 15 Switch Up to Heel Stretch: Part Two 00:44 16 Catching the Switch Up: The Breakdown 05:09
1¾ Up Stunts
17 1¾ Up Stunts: Sequence #1 01:45 18 1¾ Up Stunts: Sequence #2 00:48 19 1¾ Up: The Breakdown 02:05
Front Walkover to Full Up Extension
20 Front Walkover to Full Up Extension: Demonstration 01:28 21 Front Walkover to Full Up Extension: In a Routine 00:46
Ball Up Stunts
22 Ball Up Stunts: Sequence #1 00:48 23 Ball Up Stunts: Sequence #2 00:58 24 Ball Up Stunts: Sequence #3 01:07
T Drop
25 T Drop 01:45
Backflipping Inversions
26 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #1 01:00 27 Step Up Backflip to Stomach: The Breakdown 02:48 28 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #2 00:00 29 Backflipping: The Breakdown 02:25 30 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #3 00:38 31 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #4 00:48 32 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #5 00:47 33 Backflipping Inversions: Sequence #6 00:40 34 Back Handspring Reload Cradle to Backflip: The Breakdown 04:34

The Coach


Britten Blackburn

President and owner of American Cheerleading Center, Inc


Britten Blackburn, President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz in Bessemer (AL) is a former Auburn University cheerleader, Auburn University cheerleading coach, and a 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Head Instructor.

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