Cheer Champs: Jump Perfection
by Britten Blackburn

Wan to improve your squad's jump height, flexibility, and form? This presentation is perfect for the new coach desiring more knowledge on types of jumps and how they are executed. It is also good for coaches who have experience, but have either squads that struggle with jumps or have advanced jumpers looking to add variation and tumbling to their normal jump repertoire.

Coach Britten Blackburn breaks down and demonstrates the four most common cheerleading jumps: Toe Touch, Herkie/Side Hurdler, Front Hurdler, and Pike.

Along with these demos, Coach Blackburn shares his coaching tips on how to improve these jumps and correct common errors using his "3 F's in Jump" motto: Forward, Fast, and Finish.

Beyond these basic jumps, Blackburn provides examples of higher difficulty level variations you can put with jumps for performance or competition purposes.

Examples of the elite jumps shown include:

- Double Toe Touch
- Triple Toe Touch
- Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring
- Front Walkover, Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring, Back Tuck

Coach Blackburn also dedicates a portion of this instructional cheerleading course to jump drills and stretches that can be incorporated into practices to improve upon the jumps your cheerleaders are already capable of by increasing their flexibility and endurance.

1 Intro 01:00
2 Jump Demos 00:45
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of the Toe Touch
3 Toe Touch Demonstration 01:41
4 Toe Touch: The Breakdown 03:14
5 Toe Touch: Forward 02:49
6 Toe Touch: Fast and Finish 00:57
7 Team Jumps Demonstration 02:33
8 Common Mistakes 02:16
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of the Herkie
9 Side Hurdler 06:40
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of the Front Hurdler
10 Fundamentals of the Front Hurdler 07:34
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of the Pike
11 Pike Demonstration 00:59
12 Forward, Fast, Finish in Pike 03:53
13 Pike Group Demonstration 00:11
Chapter 5: Jump Drills
14 Lift and Hold Drill 02:14
15 Toe Touch Kicks 03:13
16 Isometric Core Exercises 07:06
Chapter 6: Jump Variations
17 Double Toe Touch 03:29
18 TC Method 01:09
19 Back Walkover to Double Toe Touch 00:25
20 Front Walkover to Double Toe Touch 01:08
21 Power Hurdle to Front Walkover, Double Toe Touch to Handspring Tuck 00:38
22 Dive Board Roll to Double Toe Touch to Double Handspring Tuck 01:23

CoachBlackburn Britten Blackburn President and owner of American Cheerleading Center, Inc

Britten Blackburn, President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz in Bessemer (AL) is a former Auburn University cheerleader, Auburn University cheerleading coach, and a 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Head Instructor.

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