Cheer Champs: Jump Perfection

by Britten Blackburn
Cheer Champs: Jump Perfection


Wan to improve your squad's jump height, flexibility, and form? This presentation is perfect for the new coach desiring more knowledge on types of jumps and how they are executed. It is also good for coaches who have experience, but have either squads that struggle with jumps or have advanced jumpers looking to add variation and tumbling to their normal jump repertoire.

Coach Britten Blackburn breaks down and demonstrates the four most common cheerleading jumps: Toe Touch, Herkie/Side Hurdler, Front Hurdler, and Pike.

Along with these demos, Coach Blackburn shares his coaching tips on how to improve these jumps and correct common errors using his "3 F's in Jump" motto: Forward, Fast, and Finish.

Beyond these basic jumps, Blackburn provides examples of higher difficulty level variations you can put with jumps for performance or competition purposes.

Examples of the elite jumps shown include:

- Double Toe Touch
- Triple Toe Touch
- Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring
- Front Walkover, Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring, Back Tuck

Coach Blackburn also dedicates a portion of this instructional cheerleading course to jump drills and stretches that can be incorporated into practices to improve upon the jumps your cheerleaders are already capable of by increasing their flexibility and endurance.

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