Cheer Champs: Skills & Drills for Youth Cheerleading

Prepare young athletes for cheerleading success with this comprehensive coaching youth cheerleading coaching course! This course is intended for coaches working with youth squads or cheerleaders with little to no prior cheer experience. This is also a great tool for a coach that has a limited cheerleading and/or tumbling background themselves and needs more information on these components and how to teach them!

Coach Britten Blackburn provides examples and explanations on how to properly teach young cheerleaders motion technique, cheerleading jumps, standing tumbling, and running tumbling. 

Lessons in this course include:

- Motion demonstrations and fun practice games/drills for young cheerleaders
- Jump instruction for the toe touch, herkie/side hurdler, front hurdler, and pike
- Introduction to basic standing & running tumbling
- Proper spotting techniques
- Drills to improve strength & flexibility

CoachBlackburn Britten Blackburn President and owner of American Cheerleading Center, Inc

Britten Blackburn is the President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz . Britten is a former Auburn University Cheerleader and Mic Man and a 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Head Instructor. Britten has also judged for Worldwide Spirit, WSA, Jamfest, and American Championships.

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