Specialty Shots: Useful Strokes for All Situations
by Eric Wammock

All strokes and shots in tennis are variations of the four major strokes - the volley, the forehand, the backhand and serve. In this instructional tennis coaching course, Eric Wammock shares how your body position, or your position on the court, can create a need for specialty shots. Wammock explores all of the most used (and most useful!) specialty shots and shows you how to practice them and when to use them for maximum advantage.

he Approach Shot and the Put Away Shot are taught in detail for both the forehand and backhand. Also covered are the Lob, the Buggy Whip, the Dropshot, and Angle Volley, a Stab Volley, Slices, a Half Volley, Running Down a Lob and a fun one - the 'Tweener.'

You will be a better teacher and your players will all benefit from the lessons in this course.

1 Introduction 02:32
Chapter 1: Approach Shot
2 Forehand Approach 04:47
3 Backhand Approach 04:00
Chapter 2: Put Away
4 Forehand Put Away 06:02
5 Backhand Put Away 02:23
Chapter 3: Lobs
6 Defensive Lobs 02:52
7 Offensive Lobs 02:28
8 Buggy Whip 03:59
9 Extra Top Spin on the Backhand Side 02:29
10 Running Down a Lob 03:06
11 Lob Grip 00:52
Chapter 4: Specialty Volleys
12 Hitting an Angle Volley on the Full Stretch 04:34
13 Stab Volley 03:54
Chapter 5: Drop Shot
14 Drop Shot Forehand Grip 01:37
15 Drop Shot Backhand Grip 01:28
Chapter 6: Slice
16 Outside to Inside Slice 01:02
17 Inside to Outside Slice 01:03
18 Half Volley 01:25
19 Half Volley Grip 01:55
Chapter 7: Running Down the Lob
20 Lob Backhand Grip 01:43
21 Lob Forehand Grip 02:10
Chapter 8: Tweener
22 Tweener 04:38

EricWammock Eric Wammock Founder of Hilton Head Island Tennis

Eric Wammock has more than 30 years experience in the tennis industry. He was most recently the Head Tennis Professional and Club Manager at the top ranked Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, where he worked for nearly 17 years. Eric has worked extensively with all age levels and abilities during his professional career, from giving countless people their very first tennis lesson to coaching nationally ranked players.

As a player, Eric was a college all-American and ITF Satellite Tour player. After he graduated as a JuCo All-American in Florida, he finished his playing career at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he later became the youngest D-I college head coach ever. In addition to being the USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year, Eric has served on the USPTA's National Education Committee and has a specialist degree in Facility Management, having helped develop the program's curriculum.

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