The Forehand & the Backhand

by Eric Wammock


Learning correct forehand and backhand is essential for success in tennis. This instructional tennis coaching course shows you how to take your player's understanding of correct form and technique to the next level!

Coach Eric Wammock's many years as a player and coach at all levels come shining through as he provides a "why" for every "how" for each section of the course. The basics - such as grip, stance, follow through and point of contact - are all covered. The course also includes a section on shot evaluation, a series of advanced-level shot making, and an explanation of common errors and how to correct them.


1 Intro 02:38
Building the Forehand
2 Point of Contact 01:00 3 Backswing 00:25 4 Follow Through 01:14 5 Point of Contact - Common Mistakes 01:21
Forehand Basics
6 Establishing Good Point of Contact 00:58 7 Height 00:49 8 Speed 00:47 9 Direction 01:43 10 Point of Contact Summary 00:49
Forehand Common Mistakes
11 Late at the Point of Contact 01:28 12 No Core Turn 00:48 13 No Preparation Turn 00:40 14 Quick Backswing 00:38 15 Stepping Forward with the Right Foot 00:45 16 Point Racquet at Ball First 00:34 17 Closed Stance 00:58
Advanced Forehand Techniques
18 Parallel Backswing 01:06 19 Looping Backswing 01:00 20 Closed & Open Stances 01:34 21 Top Spin 01:46 22 Follow Throughs 04:20 23 Attack the Ball 01:15 24 Run Through the Shot 01:24 25 Running Around the Backhand to Hit a Forehand Footwork 01:10 26 Forehand Summary 02:21
Backhand Basics
27 One Handed Backhand 03:36 28 Two Handed Backhand 02:02 29 Backhand Point of Contact 05:17
Advanced Backhand Techniques
30 Backhand Slice 03:05 31 Backhand Slice - Heavy Top Spin 01:43 32 Backhand Slice - Stances 01:17 33 High Backhand - One Hand 01:22 34 High Backhand - Two Hands 01:30
Backhand Common Mistakes
35 One Handed Backhand Common Mistake- Opening on a Follow Through 00:55 36 Two Handed Backhand Common Mistake - Not Add Shoulders & Hips 00:44 37 Common Mistake - Weak Grip 00:27 38 Two Handed Backhand Common Mistake - Racquet Face Too Closed 00:22 39 Common Mistake - Open Hips in Preparation 00:40
Groundstroke Review
40 Groundstroke Review 01:39

The Coach


Eric Wammock

Founder of Hilton Head Island Tennis


Eric Wammock has more than 30 years experience in the tennis industry. He was most recently the Head Tennis Professional and Club Manager at the top ranked Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, where he worked for nearly 17 years. Eric has worked extensively with all age levels and abilities during his professional career, from giving countless people their very first tennis lesson to coaching nationally ranked players.

As a player, Eric was a college all-American and ITF Satellite Tour player. After he graduated as a JuCo All-American in Florida, he finished his playing career at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he later became the youngest D-I college head coach ever. In addition to being the USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year, Eric has served on the USPTA's National Education Committee and has a specialist degree in Facility Management, having helped develop the program's curriculum.

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