Aysmmetrical Skip Sprinting and Sprint Training

This course will show you what isn't in the books. 

Adarian Barr demos how to increase your stride length by increasing horizontal displacement and reducing vertical displacement. Can you spot when one video passes the other?

Asymmetrical Skip Sprint, horizontal over vertical displacement, how and what does it mean. 

AdarianBarr AdarianBarr

Track and field coach and an innovative thinker that is truly thinking outside the box and inside the triangle. 

I think that every concept about sprinting is true. I think how we implement those concepts becomes the flaw in the system that limits true human potential.

The sprint start is my main focus in track. Concentrating on the rocket sprint start, toe drag sprint start and the start for the jumping events. Better start is about force application for the optimum duration.

Interested in feet as it relates to proprioception and movement. How the feet determine how you will move, what muscle are activated and in what sequence. Also articles of clothing and how tactile senses effect movement patterns.

I am an old school guy using keen eyesight and video to analysis movement patterns.

Inventor of PALO. A-Barr, asymmetrical handle bars, Wacky insoles, flip flops and Wacky TPS board and Fascia Fabric.

Presenter and Speaker at clinics and events.

Topics: Elongation and movement, Core training stop doing sit ups, planks and crunches, Run faster in 30 minutes, Better equipment for exercising, there is nothing wrong with the body,
One action can improve your athletic ability, A x M = F accelerate to move faster

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Mike Devies
Mike Devies

Too much background noise, and hard to hear instructor at times
Mar 7, 16 02:44 PM


The ideas are interesting but not fully explained.
Jan 8, 18 10:39 PM