The Complete Course on Hurdling
by Coach Cotto

As a 2x Olympic Hurdler, it took me over a decade to perfect my hurdling. In this course I am going to share with you everything that I learned to run faster, break records, and win races in the 110m hurdles. These are the same exact methods and strategies that I use with my youth, highschool, college, and professional hurdlers, and the methods I teach are guaranteed to help your hurdlers run faster.

In this course we begin by outlining the startegy for developing beginners, I call The Sprint Hurdles System - Youth. In this section you will learn the exact progression I use to develop all-american hurdlers at the youth level. First we develop rhythm, then adapt at speed, then perform over-speed hurdle workouts, and finally prepare for the championship season with Hurdle Endurance.

The second section covers Hurdle Technique. Hurdle Technique is actually my specialty as a hurdler, and took me my entire career to perfect. Now you will learn the exact strategies and methods I used, and use with my athletes, to perfect hurdle technique. We will take a look at Position, The Lead Leg, The Trail Leg, The Arms, and then I will show you the exact drills to perform for ingraining perfect hurdle technique. 

The third section covers the start through the 1st hurdle. In this section I cover the 4 phases of the Start. Block Clearnence - Pushing - Turning Over- The Cut-Step. In this section I walk you through exactly how to perfect your start in a 4pt stance, then in blocks, and finally how to put it all together so that you are at 100% before hurdle 1. This section also includes a 24pg ebook known as A Guide To The 1st Hurdle. This book outlines in more detail the 4 phases of the start, complete with workouts and exercsies that you can do to help propel you away from those blocks and towards that finish line.

I will continue to add content to this course, as I work to make this the most comprehensive course on hurdling ever compiled. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics you would like me to cover in the future.

You can also visit my Facebook page for more examples of my coaching and hurdling strategies.

Thank you and I hope to see you in the course!


Run Fast.

Make Them Chase You.


-Coach Cotto

1 An Introduction to Training for the 110m High Hurdles
2 A Guide to the 1st Hurdle
3 Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm
Warm Up Drills
4 A Skips 01:19
5 Continuous Right Left 00:57
6 Side to Side 01:03
7 Straight Legs 00:17
8 Rotary 02:28
9 Complete Warm Up 06:46
Rhythm Training
10 Day 1 - The 3 Golden Rules 04:25
11 Day 2 - The Schery Drill 03:00
12 Day 3 - The Cut Step 03:57
13 Day 4 - Jammed Hurdling 02:07
14 Day 5 - 7 Stepping 05:54
15 Day 6 - Cycle Drills 06:21
16 Day 7 - Predicting Race Times 03:56
Developing Beginners - The Sprint Hurdles System Youth
17 Developing Rhythm - The Cycle Drill 02:03
18 Developing Rhythm - The One Step Drill 02:16
19 Developing Rhythm - The Cycle Ladder Drill 02:54
20 Adapting At Speed - Jammed Hurdling 02:52
21 Adapting At Speed - Jammed Hurdling (Two Cues for Success) 04:36
22 Adapting At Speed - Jammed Hurdling (Keep The Hurdles CLOSE) 04:10
23 Over Speed - 7 Stepping 02:07
24 Over Speed - 7 Stepping (setting up the workout) 01:43
25 Over Speed - 7 Stepping (adapting to distance) 01:31
26 Hurdle Endurance 02:03
27 Hurdle Endurance (Cues for Success) 03:03
28 Hurdle Endurance (Keep the hurdles CLOSE) 02:28
29 The Start - Standing 01:43
30 The Start - Push Up 03:22
31 The Start - Blocks 01:21
32 The Start - Move The Feet Faster 02:10
33 1 Workout to 3-Step 18:29
34 12 Week Progression 03:54
35 Volume 1: Hurdle Rhythm
Hurdle Technique
36 Hurdle Technique 02:01
37 How to Perfect Hurdle Technique 01:52
38 Position is MOST Important 01:48
39 A Closer Look at Position 04:25
40 The Lead Leg 00:52
41 Two Keys to a Proper Lead Leg 01:37
42 A Closer Look at the Lead Leg 05:01
43 The Trail Leg 00:49
44 Two Keys to a Proper Trail Leg 01:36
45 The Arms 03:13
46 How To Ingrain Good Technique - Hurdle Walkovers 02:06
47 Walk Overs - A Closer Look 01:31
48 Quick Steps 01:41
49 1-Step Drill - Introduction 01:47
50 1- Step Lead Leg 03:08
51 1-Step Lead Leg (Keys to Success) 03:39
52 1-Step Trail Leg 02:52
53 1-Step Trail Leg (Keys to Success) 03:40
54 1-Step Middle 02:14
The 1st Hurdle
55 The 1st Hurdle 17:07
56 The Start - Setting Up Position 03:04
57 The Start - Latching on to Power 03:33
58 A Guide to The 1st Hurdle (24pgs)
Hurdle Workouts
59 Alexis Cycle Ladder -> Jammed 01:31
60 Kenley Cycle Ladder -> Jammed 02:28
Fall Training
61 Jordan Day 5 - (Nov. 6, 2017) 00:39
62 CC Day 5 (11-4-2017) 00:22
63 December 2017 Update 00:52

sprinthurdles Coach Cotto Run Fast. Make Them Chase You

2x Olympic 110m Hurdler.

Puerto Rico National 110m Hurdles Record (as of August 2017)

East Carolina Universty 110m Hurdles Record (as of August 2017)

Green Hope High School 110m Hurdles Record (as of August 2017)

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Very good
Aug 20, 2017 01:46:15 PM

Andal Pierre
Andal Pierre

Very good course for athletes starting hurdling or experienced athletes trying to improve.
Dec 23, 2017 04:43:35 AM


Great Course
Dec 25, 2017 07:19:35 PM


Excellent information, coaching cues, and video to easily transfer to your athletes
Jan 5, 2018 01:15:00 AM


Wonderful! A great teaching progression easy to follow.
Feb 15, 2018 10:18:12 AM