My prefered progression is as follow:

1. Doubles and Trips Formation: Bubble and H-Bubble Screen

2. Doubles and Trips Formation: Bubble Slant and H-Bubble Slant

3. Doubles and Trips Formation: Bubble Go

Other Formations – Week to week based on game plan. 

Drills for Installing the Bubble Screen:

I believe the best practice for installing this package is to start with working the skills separately first if you have the coaching staff available. At least try to install with the OL separate from the RB's, QB's, and WR's. 

Individual – Work on position specific skills for each play separtely. Ex. WR's work stalk blocking and Bubble Routes individually. OL works on Bubble Screen protection. RB's work on H-Bubble and blocking. Drills should be full speed tempo. 

Group – Bring QB's, RB's and WR's together to run all plays on air (no defenders). Run the plays both ways and with all of the formations you are utilizing. Full speed tempo.

Perimeter – Add defenders and multiple hudles if you have the time. OL is still separate. Run and playcall the full series of the bubble screen so the defense cannot gain an advantage by knowing the play. Show multiple looks and film session for analysis. You can run this whole or 1/2 field if you wish. I think it is more productive to run plays 1/2 field and alternate groups. Have players substitute themselves in. Full speed tempo. I prefer my full speed to be live blocking but tagging the hips of the RB. RB's should always score – or run to a certain line full speed before letting up. 

Team – When you work all of your offensive plays with everyone together don't forget to make the key bubble screen calls you are planning on running that week. Make sure you run it against their scouted looks. This is another great session to film if you can. Make sure you also adjust your scout defense to what the other team may adjust to if they cannot stop the bubble screen. 

Congratulations, you have completed the 8th and Final Module in the Bubble Screen eCourse! Please make this course better by adding questions and comments to each module as you see fit. We can all learn from each other and while I do believe in certain non-negotiables, some other things can vary based on preference.