FOOTBALL strength/stability

1.      Chair pose:  Chair is a perfect pose to strengthen the back and quadriceps, as well as opening gently the calves and Achilles tendon for linemen.

2.     Flat back chair pose:  Flat back variation of chair with intensify the ability to strengthen the back of a lineman.  The starting position of the player can be very forward and put the spine in a flexed position often, it is great relief to the back to increase the strength in the back of the spine, to keep abs strong and support the back more completely.

3.     Squat:  Holding squat for 2-4 minutes will allow the player to not only open the hips very deeply, it will stretch and strengthen the calves, Achilles tendon and lower legs at the same time, especially if you are patient and mentally tough enough to stay in the position for the maximum hold.  Once a player becomes seasoned holding this they can work on flattening of the back and get more of the benefits that you get from flat back chair hold.

4.     Forearm plank hold:  Multiple benefits will arise from regular practice of this pose.  You will undoubtedly increase the abdominal strength which for a strength stability position will increase the immovability of your body.  Also, it will increase the potency of the chest muscles and stretch the wrist joint and flexors and extensors of the forearm.  You watch a lineman for one play and you can see power to push, block and stop an opponent with their wrists is what they do, if the wrist joint is tight you can be guaranteed your challenger will open it for you in an uncomfortable way perhaps even damaging your wrists.  It also comes in handy if in the event you get knocked on your butt {I know it is unlikely : ) } but your wrist will be able to take the weight on the fall with less damage done.

5.     Inverted table:  This pose will load you up with the same benefits as the forearm plank pose but will add a great shoulder chest opener and quad stretch.  At the same time it will strengthen the back, chest, shoulders.  A tough one for the bigger guys but well worth the effort.