Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series

by Trosky Ranch
Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series



Want to become a great player? Not sure exactly how to achieve that? Look no further! We devised a perfect plan just for you! Best of all, no trainers, coaches, or fancy equipment required. All that is needed is focus, sweat equity, and daily commitment all from your home!

The complete step by step plan to make your dream a reality is now just a click away!

Time to eat!

The brand-new Trosky/Mongero Blue Collar Lockdown Elite Training for coaches and players Includes:

  • Immediate access to detailed, but simple to follow, weekly training plan. Get started becoming the best right now!
  • Specific individual training routines (PDF Files) for 6 days of the week. Day seven is rest and recovery
  • Accompanying instructional video links that are used to teach and demonstrate every area of training in the series
  • Motivational video to help keep you focused

This Series will help you:

  • Train to become a great infielder at home with no coaches, work out partners, or fancy equipment
  • Raise your awareness of all there is to know about infield development and skill training
  • Become the best infielder possible. This training is not for the faint of heart!


Why The Blue Collar Lockdown Infield Training Series:

Want to train to significantly improve your infield play, but don’t know what to do or where to get started?  Well look no further….Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero spent hundreds of hours collaborating to create the perfect weekly/daily plan just for you! Its time to eat!

  1. Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero have 50+ years of combined Elite infield instruction experience. They travel the USA putting on Elite Infield Camps where players travel from all over the country to attend. Through this product they become your personal daily trainers.
  2. Accompanying instructional video provided for each area of your daily training. Will help you stay focused and learn the skills/drills faster and execute them correctly.
  3. A no frills, cut to the chase, blue collar program that teaches you skills and drills that matter most.
  4. Learn to train at a level faster and more challenging then the game itself. This approach improves confidence and success once the umpire says “play ball!”
  5. Developed for players, parents, and coaches. Everyone who loves infield play will benefit from this awesome series
  6. Created to be effective for the beginning infielder all the way to the most advanced. Yes, even pro players would benefit from this program!
  7. Enter the program at your current skill set and start growing as an infielder
  8. The best infielders must also be great hitters. This program includes offensive training and routines to speed up improvement at the plate.
  9. You can advance your game to the highest level and never leave your house!
  10. No coaches or training partner required. Now you can train all by your self at any time of the day
  11. No fancy equipment needed.
  12. Weekly training plan laid out for you in a step-by-step, simple to follow format.
  13. It’s like having Elite Infield Camp in your back yard! All for the price of one private lesson!
  14. Learn effective training routines you can carry with you for your entire career!


Program Overview
1 Lockdown Series - Introduction 2 Lockdown Calendar - Day by Day
3 Lockdown - Monday's Routine 4 Functional Lower Body Strength Series 8:06 5 Pre-Pitch Routine Practice 2:07 6 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 7 Jump Rope Series 1:53 8 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 9 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 10 Series A Training 3:29
11 Lockdown - Tuesday's Routine 12 Arm Care Routine 6:18 13 Core Exercises 5:38 14 Throwing Drills - No Ball 1:47 15 Throwing Drills With Ball 5:08 16 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 17 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 18 Double Play Feeds 7:44 19 Double Play Pivots 7:15 20 Corner Infield Drills 4:59 21 Hitting Drills With Balls 11:24 22 No Ball Hit Training 8:02
23 Lockdown - Wednesday's Routine 24 Functional Upper Body Strength 5:48 25 Jump Rope Series 1:53 26 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 27 Pre-Pitch Routine 2:07 28 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 29 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 30 Series A 3:29
31 Lockdown - Thursday's Routine 32 Arm Care Routine 6:18 33 Functional Core Workout 5:38 34 Throwing Drills - No Ball 1:47 35 Throwing Drills - With Ball 5:08 36 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 37 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 38 Double Play Feeds 7:44 39 Double Play Pivots 7:15 40 Corner Infielder Drills 4:59 41 Hit Training - No Balls 8:02 42 Hitting Drills With Balls 11:24
43 Functional Lower Body Workout 8:06 44 Lockdown - Friday's Routine 45 Jump Rope Series 1:53 46 Pre-Pitch Routine 2:07 47 Quick Feet Drills 1:42 48 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 49 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 50 Series A 3:29
51 Lockdown - Saturday's Routine 52 Functional Upper Body Workout 5:48 53 Arm Care Routine 6:18 54 Functional Core Workout 5:38 55 Throwing Drills - No Balls 1:47 56 Throwing Drills - With Balls 5:08 57 INF Training - Warm Up - No Ball 2:57 58 INF Training - Warm Up - With Ball 3:32 59 Double Play Feeds 7:44 60 Double Play Pivots 7:15 61 Corner Infielder Drills 4:59 62 Hit Training - No Balls 8:02 63 Hit Training - With Balls 11:24
Bonus Videos
64 Motivation Video #1 6:48 65 Motivation Video #2 3:04 66 Motivation Video #3 1:48 67 Motivation Video #4 1:41

The Coach


Trosky Ranch

Nate Trosky and Trosky Ranch offer premier infield instruction


Trent Mongero

Trent Mongero is a State Champion and 2017 ABCA National High School Coach of the Year. He is the author of Winning Baseball, a nationally acclaimed two-book/digital video instructional series. His high school teams have won over 450 games.

He is a national clinician and has presented on the main stage at the American Baseball Coaches Convention as well as seven different state baseball conventions. Mongero is a former Division I Conference Player of the Year and member of the UNCW All-Decade Team. He was an infielder in the Braves organization. He is a current Associate Scout for the Red Sox.


Nate Trosky

Nate Trosky is a professional scout, serves and has served as a baseball clinician at various colleges & universities including Stanford, USC, USF, UCSB, Cal Poly, and Santa Clara University. He works with Area Code Baseball and has served as the New Balance Area Code Camp Director and with USA Baseball Break Through Series (BTS) Player Development. He the founder and CEO of Trosky Baseball, one of the top Travel Baseball and College Showcase organizations in the country. Coach Trosky has contributed to over 7,000 players playing college baseball and over 400 in professional baseball, with numerous first round selections, including some of the game’s best players (e.g. Christian Yelich, Nolan Arenado, Joc Pederson, Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Moustakas, Garret Cole, Lucas Gialito, Max Freed, and others).

Coach Trosky received All-American and Scholar Athlete awards in college and holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership / Youth – Family Development. His baseball endeavors have taken him around the world, coaching in South Africa, Japan, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Coach Trosky was the head coach of Monterey Peninsula College and coached with the German, Croatian, and South African National teams.

He coached professionally in Europe and in three American Minor Leagues. In the German Big Leagues, he won a National Championship as Head Coach of the Cologne Dodgers and was named Germany’s Coach of the Year. Annually, Coach Trosky coaches in the Dominican Republic with top Dominican academies and professional Dominican instructors.

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