Coaching Organizations



There’s no limit to how many courses and videos you can upload, or on how many students can watch at the same time.


With CoachTube under the hood, you never have to worry about bumpy video playback or slow speed.


We're here 24/7 to handle every aspect of your learning platform. No more coding or customer support – we got it.


Online Learning Software can be tough. We know, because we've spent years perfecting ours... and we're continuing to make new and exciting improvements for our coaches and their audiences to enjoy.

CoachTube gives coaching organizations the power to build and distribute beautiful video courses in minutes, without all the costs and headaches of building a custom app. Our learning platform offers a complete solution for organizations of any size to simply and securely host their entire library of educational content.

Have questions? Reach out to our team to learn more about what CoachTube can do for your organization by emailing

CoachTube Perks

  Industry-leading technology
  Built-in Audience of Coaches & Athletes craving the latest and top training to tap into
  Advanced Built-in Marketing Features, Bundles, Coupons, Social
  Full Learning Management system with quizzes and certification
  API Access
  Advanced search engine

Who We Are

CoachTube is like an app store for coaching and instructional courses featuring videos and detailed training from the best coaches across the web. We provide a wide variety of experts so no matter what the subject is, we believe students and athletes should be able to learn about any topic, from the best coaches anywhere in the world.

CoachTube allows coaches to build their brand by showcasing their skills and company through creating online courses and exposing them to a large audience that would be harder to reach using traditional methods.

We do the marketing and provide the technical support so you can spend more time doing what you love, coaching. The content remains yours; we simply host and maintain the platform and market the courses.

Coaches can make additional income by charging for their courses. When coaches guide people to their courses, using a coupon code, the coach retains 97% (3% goes to CC processing) of the sell. If students find a course through the site then the profit is split 80/20 with the coach receiving 80%.

The coach sets the prices of their course and is compensated for each purchase made. Coaches are paid using Stripe immediately following a transaction. Detailed information on the activity of the coaches' courses is updated in real time on the coaches profile page.

Coaches also have the freedom to make changes to their courses as they choose. They can add content, remove content or change the course cost at any time.

Our mission at CoachTube is to give every athlete, regardless of budget, location, or current abilities, access to the instructions, knowledge, and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter my coupon code?

If you click on the main course page you will see a "Have a Coupon" link under Add to Wishlist before you begin checking out.

Why can’t I see the courses I’ve purchased/Published?

Make sure you are logged into the proper account you purchased/published the course with. Once logged in, click the “My courses” button to view the course.

Problems loading course videos?

School servers often block CoachTube’s video hosting provider, Vimeo. If this is your problem you can view the videos using your personal network or by viewing from a mobile device such as your smartphone.

How can I delete courses I no longer want to have available for sale on my CoachTube account?

If you want to remove courses from your account, send us an email at and we can manually delete them for you.

I would like my purchase to be removed and refunded, what do I do?

Contact us at with your account username, the name of the course you would like refunded/removed, and why.

What does a typical CoachTube course look like?

Courses are made up of lessons (types: video, text, document, and downloadable) that are grouped together by "chapters". Most courses on CoachTube have anywhere between 30-120 minutes of instructional content broken down into 2-10 minute video lessons. At minimum, courses must be at least 10 minutes long and have no less than 70% video lessons.

How should I price my course?

A good ballpark for pricing is around $10-$30 per hour of premium course content. Coaches also have the option to offer their course for free, ideal for driving exposure to premium courses or for a brand. Feel free to review our Terms of Use here.

How long are students able to access my course?

Once your course is purchased, the student has access to all course materials indefinitely, just like an on-demand channel!

Who owns the content?

Never us, we are just a distribution channel. All the content on CoachTube is 100% owned by the provider of the content, usually the coach or production company that had it made.

What does CoachTube do to promote my course?

You name it. We use all forms of promotion but mostly leveraging social, search, and partnership with large audiences. We also focus on enabling our instructors to successfully promote their courses via coupon codes.

Are there any costs associated with creating a course on CoachTube?

Nope! Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors. CoachTube handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees.
You or a charity of your choice can keep 100% of the revenue (minus standard transaction fees) when you bring new students to CoachTube. For every student CoachTube brings to your course through our marketing efforts, we split the sale 80/20 – you receive 80%, we get 20%.