Slide Like a Pro
by Duke Baxter

Coach Duke Baxter is here to teach you how to properly take that extra base and enhance your teams ability to score. With 12 easy to follow instructional videos you can become the next Ricky Henderson or Ty Cobb! Inside you will find proper techniques for the Figure Four Slide, Straight Slide and Pop-Up Slide, as well as the best techniques for in-game situations.

DukeBaxter Duke Baxter Instructor at the Zoned Sports Academy

Duke Baxter is an instructor at the Zoned Sports Academy in Bridgewater, N.J. Before playing three years of professional baseball, Baxter set three hitting records at the University of North Florida, including a single-season mark of 31 doubles in 1997, which led NCAA Division II. He also is the inventor of the HotHands training device, which improves and perfects fielding skills.

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