The CURE for COVID-19 is partnership

by Tyler Childs
The CURE for COVID-19 is partnership


If you're coaching or running a club in the youth sports space you aren't going to want to miss this FREE webinar. We're going to teach you to not only keep your business alive but how to thrive in the days to come. It's absolutely FREE and we know you have some time to spare.


The Coach


Tyler Childs

Tourneyboss - Value first Profit Second


Tyler aka the Tourneyboss has a Master's degree in Coaching from Western Univerity in London, Ontario in Canada. During his time at Western, Tyler acted as an assistant coach with the Baseball program operated by former Detroit Tiger Mike Lumley. Life threw Tyler an interesting curveball sending him into a life he's always known.

Tyler has been a member of the sports and tourism industry for 25 years and has helped hundreds of teams, clubs, and tournaments grow and profit through new and proven, conscious business choices. But technology has made us lazy and greedy by making sports so accessible and repeatable. Generating increases in both spending and expectations for the consumers we serve.


Tyler is on a mission to shift sports tourism back on its proper heading. Tyler now consults, coaches, teaches and speaks on the benefits and outcomes of positioning sports and events to do good first and profit second. Funny enough the first often leads to the second.

Tyler carries dual roles including that of President/CEO at Sport-Travel which provides event and housing services to youth and amateur sporting events around the globe. Sport-Travel has been serving the sports tourism community for over 20 years. In 2017, Tyler founded Tournkey which is an event technology platform that has a significant role to play in the goals in front of him and his team.

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John Alexis Roman-Ortiz

I love it

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