36 Teachable Skills w/ 3 on 3 Games

by Randy Brown
36 Teachable Skills w/ 3 on 3 Games


Do you find teaching the game a monumental task? 

As a coach you know the game, but frustration mounts when you can't get five players playing in unison. 

What if your approach could use a tweak?....the kind of tweak that could make all the difference in your teaching clarity and skyrocket your player's understanding of the game.

So where do you go to accomplish this kind of "winning shift" from mediocre to great basketball?

What is I told you there are 36 skills you can teach within a simple 3 on 3 structure? Too good to be true, isn't it?

In my course, 36 Teachable Skills w/ 3 on 3 Games, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to teach the game at the highest level.

Did you know that every college and NBA practice uses a form of 3 on 3 EVERY DAY in their practices?

I've been to thousands of these practices, and not one has been void of 3 on 3!

So why not you?

If you are in need of the perfect teachable solution to winning more games, this course is the one!





The Coach


Randy Brown

Mentoring the World's Basketball Coaches


Randy Brown is recognized as the #1 college coaching mentor in the basketball industry. He has dedicated his life to the game and to helping others reach their dreams.

He has assisted over 100 coaches in his mentoring program and that list grows every month. His 18 years in college basketball highlights a successful 30-year career. Coaching positions at Arizona, Iowa State, Marquette, Drake, and Miami of Ohio fill his resume. Mentored by Basketball Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson at Arizona, he learned the game from the best. At 39, Randy became the head coach at Division I Stetson University in Deland, Florida. His career efforts have helped develop 12 NBA players including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Jaamal Tinsley.

Over the years he has authored over 50 articles on coaching basketball and has taught over 24,000 young players in summer camps and clinics. His work has been published in Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director, Winning Hoops, National Federation of Athletic Directors, Ohio HS Coaches Association Bulletin, and The Des Moines Register. His Clinic speaking resume includes 16 appearances across the country including the NABC Coaches Convention, Iowa HS Basketball Coaches Association, Florida HS Coaches Association.

He works as a basketball consultant and mentor for coaches, author and public speaker. Randy, 62, has two daughters, Claire and Jane, and live in Ames, Iowa. 

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Ross Douma

Coach Brown is the consummate teacher within the game of basketball. In this video, Coach Brown beaks down the 3/3 play into segments that coaches of all levels can find applicable. This video offers a methodical approach to developing and enhancing 3/3 play. What I found particularly useful was the varied entries to 3/3 competition as well as how Coach Brown addressed other components of the game, such as passing and rebounding, into the video. I highly recommend this video for anyone looking to develop continuity within their program while meeting the various ability levels of all players.

Aug 31, 19 07:52 AM

Kevin Reynolds

This course is exactly what my team needs for more and better repetitions, teaching and learning the game concepts at an accelerated level. Thanks Randy for a wonderful course. Can't wait for another one from you!

Dec 18, 19 06:49 AM

Joe Rodriguez

My fellow Basketball Coaches this a must have for teaching great offensive concepts. Coach Randy Brown is a Master Teacher. In his 36 Teachable Skills 3 on 3 Games Video you will attain a library of video that will aid you, your kids and offense master many skills needed in basketball. You will get 24 skills by using pass on 3 on 3 small side games, and 12 additional skills on pass & catch category. 36 total skill that you will be able to teach, and players can learn from this videos by Coach Randy Brown. Best invest I have made as a basketball coach. If you are looking for something that will impact your coaching, your program and your team; buy this videos. You won’t regret it. Coach Browns stuff is gold. Enjoy! Good luck and Best Swishes!

Dec 28, 19 07:49 PM

Jeff Crouse

If you’re really committed to teaching your players “how to play” and “how to guard” using 3 v 3 small-sided games, as well as, decision-making skills, I highly recommend this course. The PDF included in the course alone is worth your investment.

Dec 30, 19 10:56 AM


Informative, helpful! Three on three definitely give you more of a chance to play. Liked the explanations and examples!

Jan 9, 20 09:11 AM


This course, is amazing. Since buying this course I have implemented it in practice and the kids are having the most fun they have had all year. Out of our 5 teams 4 are in position to make the playoffs for our winter season. I recommend this course to anyone coaching youth kids, they will love practice, they will get better, and when that happens the whole team gets better.

Jan 30, 20 07:25 AM


I thought this course was well prepared and thought out. Preparation was great.

Oct 31, 20 11:54 AM

Alejandro Arredondo

Definitely NOT worth the price. There is absolutely nothing here that you can't find on any basketball coaching website for free. Geared towards probably a youth coach who has no clue. Very very basic 3 on 3 stuff. Nothing trick here. Also, it's kind of dated in terms of topics covered. This most definitely is not for you if you're looking at playing a modern style of play. Way too much talking by coach and very little demo of anything worthwhile. Skip this one. Plenty of other better resources on this site to pick from. Huge disappointment!

Dec 18, 20 09:48 PM

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