Backdoor Plays

by Lason Perkins
Backdoor Plays


When your opponents are applying heavy pressure and taking away passing lanes, you need a way to relieve the pressure and make them pay.  In this video, Coach Lason Perkins shows you a proven set of backdoor plays utlizied at the NBA, College, High School, and International Levels.  These plays are ran from a variety of sets such as the Box Set, 1-4 High, and Horns set.  Also included in the video are plays to run from the baseline and sideline to get a quick layup.


The Coach


Lason Perkins

High School, College, Semi-Pro Coach for over 30 years


Lason Perkins is currently the head coach at Cary Academy in Cary, NC.  He is the author of 5 books and has created over 20 instructional DVDs on a wide range of basketball offense concepts.  His Secrets of International Basketball was the first instructional series that shared many of the concepts from Europe and International competion now seen today in the NBA, College, and High School levels.

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