Basketball Court Diagram (Blank Playbook) (Printable Template)

by Dejan Ilic
Basketball Court Diagram (Blank Playbook) (Printable Template)


Attention basketball coaches and scouting enthusiasts,

I'm excited to introduce a valuable resource that will greatly assist you in your coaching journey - the Basketball Court Diagram Template. And the best part? It's completely free!

As a fellow coach, I understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient playbook. That's why I've created this practical tool to help you sketch out plays, practices, and strategies with ease. While it may not be revolutionary, it offers a sleek and optimized solution compared to other similar resources on the market.

Our Basketball Court Diagram Template provides three printable PDFs to cater to your specific needs. The first PDF features half-court diagrams, perfect for focusing on precise plays and strategies within limited space. The second PDF showcases full-court diagrams, allowing you to design comprehensive game plans that span the entire court. For added flexibility, the third PDF combines both half-court and full-court diagrams, enabling seamless transitions between different tactics.

With these blank court diagrams at your disposal, you have the freedom to bring your coaching vision to life. Whether you're developing offensive sets, defensive formations, transition plays, or press break options, our playbook template provides a clean and efficient canvas. Simply print the desired PDF and unleash your creativity as you map out your unique plays and drills.

The beauty of my Basketball Court Diagram Template lies in its simplicity and practicality. By having a visual representation of your game plan on a single page, you can easily communicate your strategies to your team. The ample space provided allows you to jot down essential details such as player responsibilities, key points to emphasize, and strategic cues. This ensures that your players are well-prepared and aligned with your coaching approach.

I understand the value of having access to high-quality basketball templates without any financial burden. That's why I'm offering this invaluable resource to you completely free of charge. It's not about being extraordinary or groundbreaking, it's about providing a well-designed and efficient tool to support coaches like you in their coaching endeavors.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your coaching process, streamline your strategies, and empower your team. Basketball Court Diagram Template is here to help you take your coaching game to the next level, without costing you a dime. Get your hands on this resource today and let your coaching prowess shine.


The Coach


Dejan Ilic

Basketball coach, book author, and founder of Hoop Mentality


Dejan Ilic is an experienced basketball coach, and former player with over 25 years invested in basketball. Coach Ilic has spent his long career studying with renowned basketball coaches with a wide range of backgrounds. Author of Transition Offense Against Any Defense book - a comprehensive guide for basketball coaches. Founder of Hoop Mentality.

A former basketball player himself, coach Ilic has a proven track record of player communication, productivity, and a tireless drive to succeed. This has led him to play for numerous Serbian basketball and 3×3 teams with lots of accomplishments, including winning first place at 10+ Serbian and International 3×3 tournaments, 2nd place in the Serbian national finals, and representing the Serbian national team in USA Red Bull 3×3 World Finals on two separate occasions.

Coach Ilic has many coaching accomplishments as well, including the Regional League championship in the 2021/2022 season as a head coach of BC Veba Basket from Belgrade, Serbia. With years of experience in the basketball industry, Dejan is a highly accomplished and respected coach known for his strategic mindset and ability to inspire players. His passion for the game is infectious, and he is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential on and off the court, guiding them towards success.

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