Better Shooting

by Better Basketball
Better Shooting


Better Basketball first gained its notoriety with Rick Torbett's player development series which cultivates the fundamental skills of basketball.

This course deconstructs the shot and rebuilds it from the footwork to the finishing stroke, all the while addressing common shooting faults.  Over 3 hours (27 segments), Coach Torbett demonstrates a training regimen geared to take the guesswork out of shot development. In addition, he provides a chart for tracking growth and improvement.

During the conclusion of the course, Coach Torbett has the unique opportunity to interview NBA star JJ Redick and understand JJ's mindset behind his shot mechanics. As Redick is interviewed, he explains the rationale involved in his shot process and then gives some of his favorite practice drills.


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Rick Torbett is the founder of offering Basketball Instructional and Training Videos offering detailed teaching for coaches and players. Torbett is also the creator of the Read and React Offense, one of the most popular and successful basketball coaching series on the market. Find all his courses streaming on-demand, only at  

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