Building a Program Series: Inclusion - Coaching Everybody

by Blitz Basketball Systems
Building a Program Series: Inclusion - Coaching Everybody


Lesson #6 of the Building a Program Series: Inclusion - Coaching Everybody

This lesson is one of ten in our Building a Program series. This series focuses on a combination of off-court and on-court ideas that can take your program to the next level or build it from the ground up. These ideas have been built through 25 years of running a highly successful high school basketball program.

Each course in this series is a 2,000 word article that includes highly specific examples and ideas that can help you build your program. These writings are easy to read and are downloadable PDFs, so you can always save them. 

Here is a short excerpt from this lesson, titled Inclusion - Coaching Everybody:

"Time after time — in situations similar to this one — I’ve seen coaches blow the whistle, approach the offending player, and take some time to privately explain and demonstrate the correction to that player while the 10-14 other players stand idly either losing focus, staring blankly ahead, or even beginning to take a couple shots and pass the ball around. This coach is making an already difficult task (coaching) more frustrating. His goal is clear, and the fact that he’s willing to stop practice to quickly and directly correct the player is admirable. But, his approach is setting himself up for many frustrating coaching moments later that season."

This course is all about the power of inclusion within your program!


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Looking for an advantage over your opponent? A dynamic scheme or set to get an easy basket? An outside-the-box idea to build your team and program off the court? Look no further than Blitz Basketball Systems.

Sharing the most effective and well-known basketball playbooks and concepts for coaches, Blitz Basketball Systems offers easy-to-use information for coaches at any level. Our extensive database includes NCAA, NBA, and High School playbooks as well as team/program-building ideas that can help your team off the floor.

These offerings come from over 25 years of coaching experience at the college and high school level, as well as extensive study of some of the greatest coaches in the game.

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