Coaching Youth Basketball: Ages 12 & Up

Coaching Youth Basketball: Ages 12 & Up provides parents and coaches with over 50 basketball drills and skills specifically tailored for older, more advanced youth basketball players. Bill Thom and Jim Datka, two of the country’s leading high school boys coaches, share their knowledge and experience as they demonstrate how to coach an entire season of advanced youth league play. The program follows an intuitive, thematic format and includes everything you need to coach your team to success, from offensive and defensive philosophies to advanced passing, dribbling and cutting drills.

As an added bonus, your purchase will also include access to downloadable training notes and basketball coaching tips for each and every drill.

1 Introduction to Shooting
2 Intensity Layups
3 Two-Man Layups
4 V-Cut High, Shoot Low
5 V-Cut Low, Shoot High
6 Cone Shooting
7 5 Spot Shooting
8 Curling to Short Jump Shot
9 Curling to Elbow Jump Shot
10 Mikan Drill
11 Power Mikan Drill
12 Reverse Mikan Drill
13 Back to the Basket
14 Back to the Basket, Alternating Feet
15 Back to the Basket, Right Foot
16 Four Square Shooting
17 Shooting Footwork-Inside Pivot
18 Inside Pivot Jump Shot
19 Inside Pivot to Layup
20 Inside Pivot Rip Move
21 Introduction to Dribbling
22 Dribble Tag
23 Two-Ball Dribbling, Two-Ball Same
24 Two-Ball Dribbling, Alternate/Machine Gun
25 Two-Ball Dribbling, High/Low
26 Two-Man Dribbling, Kill
27 Two-Ball Dribbling, Triangle
28 Dribbling on the Move, Crossover
29 Dribbling on the Move, Fake Crossover
30 Introduction to Passing
31 Man in the Middle
32 Baseball Passing Stationary
33 Full-Court, Three-Man Passing
34 Full-Court, Three-Man Bounce Passing Drill
35 Full-Court, Two-Man Passing (One Ball)
36 Two-Man Passing (Two Balls), Left Hand
37 Two-Man Passing (Two Balls), Combo
38 Two-Man Passing (Two Balls), Combo Version 2
39 Three-Man Weave Drill
40 One-Hand Pass-Right Hand
41 One-Hand Pass-Left Hand
Defense and Rebounding
42 Introduction to Defense and Rebounding
43 Form Rebounding
44 Ball Screen Defense
45 Zone Defense Philosophies
46 Off-the-Ball Screen Defense
47 3-on-2 Defense Philosophies
48 3-on-2 Transition Defensive Philosophies
Offensive Drills and Strategy
49 Introduction to Offensive Drills and Strategy
50 Around the Arc
51 Around the Arc: Left Foot Pivot
52 3-on-2
53 3-on-2 Offense Philosophies
54 Zone Offense Philosophies
55 Zone Offense: Attacking Gaps
56 Zone Offense: Passing Opposite
57 Three-Man Drills, Pass and Screen Away
58 Three-Man Drills, Give-and-Go
59 Three-Man Drills, Ball Screen
60 Three-Man Drills, Using All Moves

BillThom Bill Thom Head Basketball Coach at Croton-Harmon HS, NY

Bill Thom has been a basketball coach at Croton-Harmon High School in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y for the last 24 seasons. He has won over 300 games for the boys' varsity squad. Thom is a veteran coach of Empire State Games and AAU teams, and has instructed players on many levels.

Jim Datka is the head boys' basketball coach of Messmer High School in Milwaukee. Having previously served as assistant coach at St. Francis College (N.Y.) from 2005-08, Datka has been the head coach at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minn.; St. Scholastica College in Duluth, Minn.; and The Hope School in Milwaukee.

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