Complex Basketball Coaching: How To Make Basketball Practices More Effective

by Harri Mannonen
Complex Basketball Coaching: How To Make Basketball Practices More Effective


The game is developing extremely fast. To keep up, we must re-invent the way we coach and practice. Complex Basketball Coaching Ebook will accompany you on your coaching journey.

We can’t change our coaching detail by detail. Rather, we must change the whole paradigm – that is, the assumptions that underlie our coaching.

Here, we criticise traditional coaching paradigms and base a new one on complex systems thinking. Hence the name of the book: Complex Basketball Coaching. How to make basketball practices more effective.

This may sound modest and theoretical. Yet the long-term consequences may be huge and very practical. Complex basketball coaching may help you create a competitive edge that’s very difficult for your opponents to overcome. 

A team is a complex system, and a game is a conflict between two complex systems. This viewpoint leads to profoundly novel conclusions regarding coaching.

For example, a player’s technical skills and physical characteristics are not important as such. Rather, they only become relevant if they can be mediated to the tactical skills of the team.

Secondly, it is impossible to know in advance how a complex system will function. Thus while practicing, we must prepare for the unpredictable. How to do that is one of the main subjects in the book.

The theoretical discussion Complex Basketball Coaching Ebook is applicable to all invasion team sports. So are the practical coaching guidelines provided. Eventually we draft basketball-specific drills that are in accordance with the complex coaching paradigm.


The Coach

Harri Mannonen has 35 years of coaching experience from grassroots to professional and national team level. Besides his native country Finland, he has coached Denmark and Iceland and studied in Lithuania and England.

He has the FIBA coach certification and a Master's degree in basketball coaching. He’s also an experienced coach educator.

Prior to Complex Basket Coaching, he has written a textbook for youth basketball players: The Basics. A personalisable textbook for youth basketball players (2014/2016).

At the moment he is chairman at Society of Possible Training. In 2019, he was a member of the Youth Coaching Network of Finnish Basketball Association.

At the moment Coach Mannonen’s interests include:

- Applying complex systems thinking to coaching.
- Applying scientific findings on motor learning to basketball coaching.
- Bridging the gap between performance analytics and practical coaching.

For a full CV, visit his home page: harrimannonen.com

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this is the best basketball course i have ever watched. I love it.

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