Fabulous 15: Competitive Practice Drills for All Ages

After numerous appearances and three state titles, Coach Steve Collins is here to give you his Fabulous 15. These are his favorite drills that will help turn any program into a title contender.

Some drills included:

  • Team and Individual skill development
  • Transition drills
  • Defensive drills and Many More!

SteveCollins Steve Collins Basketball Coach at James Madison Memorial HS

Steve Collins has lead Madison (WI) Memorial High School to three state championships and numerous state tournament appearances.


  • 12 Consecutive Conference Championships
  • 16 Consecutive Winning Seasons 
  • 9 Consecutive State Appearances(04-12)
  • 38 Collegiate Athletes
  • 6 Professional Basketball Players
  • 4 State Runner-ups
  • 1 State Semi-Final
  • 3 State Championships
  • 2 State Coach of Year Honors

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