How to Develop and Teach the Perfect Shot - Shooting Academy

by Julia Allender


Here are series of drills that will teach you how to properly shoot a basketball for high accuracy and deep range.  These videos will take you through step by step on how to do each drill and how to also teach someone else. Once you learn the drill correctly the drill will teach you how to shoot. There is a missing ingredient I have found in teaching players the game of basketball and that is addressing their individual involvement in their improvement. As a player the first step to doing a drill is doing it properly. After you have mastered the drill the drill will teach you the proper mechanics of shooting. 

 This is for any level of basketball player to either learn for the first time or perfect their shoot as they continue to play.  This is a must for all youth coaches and every coach at any level to help perfect each of their players shots. 

There is never a point where a player cannot improve with the proper coaching.  With shooting being the most rewarding skill of the game this is an investment that will not stop paying off.  

There are a lot of drills that tell you what to do but never address clearly how to do the drill so the results that are promised can actually be achieved. 



The Coach


Julia Allender

Head College Coach / CEO Courtside with Julz


Coach Julz is a former Division I shooting guard and since then has helped millions of players around the world improver their ability to shoot and increase their confidence as a socrer.  She has been a collegiate head coach for the last nine years where she has had continual successful seasons while also winning conference championships.  Her greatest accomplishments are the yearly and continual development of all of the players she works with and getting them to achieve their goals and become the very elite who achieve the highest levels of performance and success on the court.

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