International Tactics, Concepts, and Trends

by Ryan Pannone
International Tactics, Concepts, and Trends


Skyrocket your team’s offensive efficiency and get more stops on defense using the same strategies that Professional Coach Ryan Pannone learned while coaching in top international leagues and the NBA/G-League.


Do you feel like you’re not utilizing your team’s talent to its full potential? Does your team get scored on easy baskets from Pick’N’Roll actions and off-ball screens, just to lose a game by only few points? Do you struggle to have your team execute an effective late game action to get your best player open for a shot to win the game? 

The BIG PROBLEM is that lot of coaches nowadays choose to use OUTDATED strategies and actions that don't even fit their player personnel, resulting in players having a hard time executing the play. Some coaches are really here only “for a season” and once they stop learning and educating themselves, the game outgrows them and their old methods won’t be effective anymore, leading in too many lost possessions and unnecessary turnovers, restulting in lost games.

Professional Coach Ryan Pannone has been known in coaching circles as one of the most versatile coaches and X’s and O’s GOD, as he collected endless coaching experience from all levels of basketball including College, Euroleague, China, NBA and, the G-League and he gives a detailed breakdown of new techniques and strategies that will give you and your team edge over your opponent and help you outsmart your opposing coach.

You will learn about innovative techniques, unique tactics, and modern strategies used by top basketball coaches in the world, that will help you to skyrocket your offensive and defensive efficiency, become X’s and O’s expert and, help you win more games.

In addition to the clinic, you also receive a 1-1 virtual meeting with Coach Pannone to discuss teaching points and areas you need additional clarification and guidance on. 

We have also included some of the top sets and actions from the best coaches in international basketball in this course.

You can start today and gain the EXTRA EDGE over your competition now!


International Trends
1 Offensive Tactics, Concepts, & Trends 1:25 2 Valuing the Fill Behind 4:22 3 Baseline Drive 45 Drift Pass 1:46 4 Attacking Heavy Stunt & -Next- PNR Defense 1:14 5 PNR with Shallow Cut 2:21 6 Side Stack PNR 1:25 7 Baseline Drift Takeaway 2:48 8 Low Empty Corner Step Ups & Step Up DHOs to Attack Drop PNR Defense 2:14 9 Plays Out of the Post 1:21 10 Tag Up Transition Defensive & Offensive Rebounding System 9:22 11 Tag Up Transition D 4:03 12 Zalgiris vs Post Up Jump to 2-3 Zone 4:25 13 Jerusalem Jump to Zone Against Big to Small Back Screen 3:49 14 PNR Switch Peel Behind 4:25 15 Q&A on PNR Switch Peel Behind 1:39 16 Next PNR Defense to 3 Side 4:28 17 Next PNR Defense to 2 Side 3:51 18 PNR Jump Switch & Stunts on Snake Away from 2 Side 1:39 19 PNR Jump Switch & Stunt on Snake Towards 2 Side 0:59 20 Jump Switch on High PNR Penetration 0:47 21 Jump Switch from Corner 3:00 22 Next Off-Ball Screen Defense vs Shooters 3:53 23 Next Off-Inbounder BLOB 0:50 24 Trap to Jump Switch Mismatch or Late Clock 2:48 25 Stelmet Zone Defense 3:25 26 Trapping the Post + Aaron Fearne 3:10 27 How to Practice Attacking Close-Outs & 1-2 Step vs Hop Jump Stop 8:17 28 How Often do you Trap the Post 1:51 29 Discussion- Why Would NBA Coaches Stay Away from Tagging 10:47 30 International Trends Bonus Content 31:52
Bonus Offensive Video Footage (No Breakdown - Just More Examples)
31 Attacking Heavy Nail and Next PNR Defense 0:58 32 Attacking Switching Defenses Through The Advantage 2:59 33 Baseline Drive 45 Lift Pass 2:38 34 Distorting Shell Defense to the 2 Side 2:58 35 Late Clock Off Ball Flare Screen 3:21 36 Low Empty Corner Step Ups and Step Up DHO 1:10 37 Plays Out of Post Ups 5:21 38 PNR with Shallow Cut 3:55 39 Side Stack PNR Actions 4:18 40 Valuing The Fill Behind 6:47 41 Distorting Shell Defense to the -2 Side- 2:55 42 Late Clock Flares vs. Stunt Defender 1:18
Bonus Defensive Video Footage
43 Jump to Zone vs. Back Screen 1:35 44 PNR Peel Switch Behind 1:33 45 Jump Switch on PNR and Penetration 3:40 46 Jump Switch vs. Snaking PNR 1:59 47 Next Off Ball Screen Defense vs. Shooter 3:42 48 Next PNR Defense 7:45 49 Stelmet Zone Defense 7:29 50 Trap to Jump Switch vs. Mismatch/Late Clock 1:42 51 Zalgiris 2-3 Zone vs Post Up 4:18
International Coaches
52 Aaron Fearne ATOs 4:16 53 Aaron Fearne SOB 2:00 54 Aito Garcia 5:06 55 Andrea Trinchieri 3:28 56 Chris Fleming 3:40 57 Craig Pedersen 6:21 58 David Blatt 2:19 59 Dean Vickerman 2:04 60 Dimitris Itoudis 2:46 61 Željko Obradović 3:01 62 Sergio Scariolo 4:28 63 Pablo Laso 3:38 64 Velimir Perasović 3:21 65 Ibon Navarro 3:45 66 Xavi Pascual 3:06 67 Šarūnas Jasikevičius 5:23 68 Sito Alonso 1:45

The Coach

Coach Ryan Pannone is a professional basketball coach who is currently the head coach of the Erie BayHawks (2020). Coach Pannone comes to us with years of experience at the professional level, including player development with future NBA players. Prior to his professional career, Coach Pannone compiled a record of 131-42 during his five-year tenure as head coach at Oldsmar Christian High School.

Coaching Experience

Erie Bayhawks (D-League) Head Coach
New Orleans Pelicans Summer League, Assistant Coach
Hapoel Jerusalem, Assistant Coach
BC Prievidza (Slovakia) Head Coach
Hapoel Jerusalem Assistant Coach
WhiteWings Hanau (Germany) Assistant Coach
Erie Bayhawks (D-League) Assistant Coach
Memphis Grizzlies Summer League, Assistant Coach
Foshan Long Lions (China), Assistant Coach

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Jaycob Ammerman

This is one of my favorite courses I've watched. So much knowledge! Coach Pannone does a great job teaching. If you are looking to expand your game -- then go ahead and buy this course. The international game is a beautiful game -- and I look forward taking some of these concepts and applying them to our team.

Nov 18, 20 10:09 PM

Tony Miller

Fantastic! This course has a little bit of everything. As modern offenses continue to become more concept-based, the tactics addressed will give you more "tools in your toolbelt" for creating scoring advantages for your players. Conversely, for your defense... Whether it's in the PNR, out of the post, in transition defense - you'll find the defensive concepts included will help minimize advantages created by offenses. I'm looking forward to implementing further some of these ideas into our program. Thanks, Coach Pannone!

Nov 18, 20 10:14 PM

Simon Cote

“I have been coaching pro basketball for 14 years in Europe and I learned a lot from this clinic. I will be directly incorporating some of these concepts with my future teams.” “If there was a test on “Great Modern European Basketball” these are the test-acing cliff notes. If you didn’t learn anything from this clinic your computer must have crashed directly after login."

Nov 18, 20 10:46 PM

Mike De Kraker

This clinic is an eyeopener. So much concepts being shared is unreal. Coach Ryan is one of the best - if not the best - in finding new trends. Trends that might not be know to lots of people. An example being showed in this course is his research on the Baseline drive 45 drift pass. He sees new tactical decisions and breaks this down for every coach to understand. These concepts can be taken and implemented in every level of the game. If you're are coaching pro or lower tiers, this clinic will leave you with tons of information to teach your players the very next moment you enter the gym. Next to being one of the best coaches on X's and O's - he's great at following great coaches around the world and watching their team play. Showing you the sets/plays on video.

Nov 18, 20 11:49 PM

John Carrier

Ryan Pannone is obviously an outstanding coach. But what really impressed me in this video was that it was things that I could easily apply to my CURRENT systems as a high school coach. And he did it in an easy to understand manner. We don't need to adopt a new system, it just made our stuff better. We don't run much pick and roll ,but so many of the concepts he presented we are going to use as tweaks and teaching points in our pace and space scheme. I would highly recommend this presentation.

Nov 19, 20 04:50 AM

Brent Tipton

Ryan Pannone is a tremendous communicator who has an excellent eye for the details. This Masterclass instantly adds value to your current knowledge and understanding of the game. It will also stimulate ideas to how you can implement these tactics into your program. My biggest takeaway from this clinic was when he said, "high level basketball is played through the closeout." The simplicity of creating long closeouts through player spacing is taught in each of these offensive concepts and Coach Pannone does a superb job teaching how to leverage these advantages. This clinic has my highest recommendation and you will view the game in a more cerebral manner after watching this clinic.

Nov 19, 20 05:22 AM

Kyle Brown

I just completed this course and could not be more impressed. Coach Pannone is a master teacher of the game and simply one of the best coaches in the world now. His use of terminology, video examples, and discussion really helped me understand the concepts that he was showing. I also really liked how he had both offensive and defensive concepts to share. He does a great job of showing a lot of video examples and explaining them in great detail. Everything flowed in a way that made it simple to stay engaged with. It was also great to hear other professional coaches chime in with more details on certain subjects that they have used or created. Some of the concepts are very creative and at the very least, will make you think differently about the game. The European game is something I have been trying to study lately, and this course really helped me to see a lot of different teams & coaches in a short time. Having all the bonus content at the end is great because it shows more concepts from some of the best coaches in the world. I highly recommend it for anyone that is really serious about diving into some different concepts & trends that could help win some games.

Nov 19, 20 07:14 AM

Kevin Lacy

Excellent Course. Loaded with great info. Will be watching multiple times

Mar 3, 23 12:37 PM

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