Kansas Jayhawks Offensive Playbook

by Scott Peterman


Man! I’m looking forward to this season! 

Can you guess where I’ll be parked tonight?

I’ve always been a huge Jayhawks fan (Yes, I prefer to overlook some tournament hiccups over the years).


You gotta love a good ole fashioned HoF level coaching clash!

Am I right?

In this one, I’m giving the nod to Bill Self and Jayhawks over Mike Krzyzewski and Duke.  

(As fun as he is to watch, I just don’t think Tre Jones will be enough to turn this one Duke’s way)

Bill Self is obviously one of the best in the game.  If you examine his “evolution” from his turnaround of the Oral Roberts and then the moves Tulsa made up through his tenure in Kansas, you can help but be impressed. 

It’s almost a given every year isn’t it?  Coach Self has won (or shared) the Big 12 Conference title in 14 out of 16 years he’s been there!

I’m mean seriously…a .957 winning percentage at home?  What the…

Which means today’s email is PERFECT timing!

In an obvious display of bias (and perfect timing)…I’ve put together a Jayhawks playbook and kept the format very traditional.

I elected to bypass the “game breakdown” layout of the previous few playbooks I’ve put out. This one looks like this:

5 sections:

Half Court Man Offense
Half Court Zone Offense
BLOBs vs Zone
103 pages in all. 

Now you can get in inside look at his strong hi-lo motion offense.

Elegant in its simplicity…

I can’t recommend this one enough.  I’m actually not 100% sure why I haven’t done this earlier!


You can grab this one effective immediately.

Here’s the link:  Kansas Jayhawks Offensive Playbook

(Yes, I just called it Kansas Jayhawks Offensive Playbook)  😊 

Grab it instantly before the game…it’ll be worth it!

See you courtside,

Scott “trying not to be biased” Peterman

Here’s the link one more time:

Kansas Jayhawks Offensive Playbook


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