Pick & Roll Defence - How to teach `Cancelling` PNRs.

by Coach Liam Flynn
Pick & Roll Defence - How to teach `Cancelling` PNRs.


Pick And Roll (PNR) Defence - Cancelling Screens

The best PNR defence is that the screen never takes place.  We call this 'cancelling' the screen.  

In this video, I go through a progression of teaching players how to cancel PNRs from the defenders both at the point of the screen, as well as, defenders who are away from the ball.  

I also explain the following defensive concepts:

  • How to IMPACT the ball when you aren’t guarding it.
  • Playing 'long' & Shrink space
  • Stunting
  • Positioning
  • Backside rotations vs Deep Rollers and Short Rollers
  • How to switch aggressively

The video shows a collection of small sided games and breakdown drills to introduce and refine these defensive concept.  It also displays the training environment we use which gives players the opportunity to improve their decision making.  The teaching points are simple and clear, and can be used for teams of all ages and skill level.  


The Coach

  • Twenty nine years coaching experience at all levels of the game
  • Previously coached in professional leagues in Israel, Germany, China, Australia and New Zealand
  • Consultant to NBA Teams, NBA players, as well as, professional players based in Spain, France and Italy.
  • Twenty years coaching experience at junior elite level in Australia.
  • Masters in Sports Coaching (University of Queensland).
  • Coach Educator and Clinician

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