PNR Offensive Tweaks

by Todd Simon
PNR Offensive Tweaks


Coach Todd Simon presents multiple tips and tricks how to make your Pick and Roll Offense more effective and efficient. He goes over multiple scenarios that he uses to attack multiple defensive scenarios during PnR and breaks down video for each scenario. Coach Simon also goes over details on how to take advantage of your personnel in your PnR Offense. If you are looking to add extra edge in your offense and make your Pick and Roll even more deadly, this course is definitely for you!


1 Ballscreen Offense and Fundamentals 2:47 2 Learning when to use certain plays 1:53 3 Having a relationship with your players 2:33 4 Open Side Trail Pop (Video Example) 1:07 5 Trail Late Pass (Video Example) 1:52 6 Trail Slot Ballscreen (Video Example) 1:22 7 Reversal Trail Pop (Video Example) 0:48 8 Pistol DHO (Video Example) 1:36 9 Pistol Hammer (Video Example) 1:13 10 Flip Actions to Open Sides (Video Example) 1:33 11 Double High Slips ISO (Video Example) 1:06 12 Double High Screen the Shooter (Video Example) 1:48 13 Double High Reject (Video Example) 0:43 14 Stack Angle Nail Pop (Video Example) 1:17 15 Stack Guard to Guard (Video Example) 1:26 16 Stack High Low Pin DHO (Video Example) 1:15 17 Stack Roll Replace (Video Example) 0:53 18 Pin to Step Up (Video Example) 1:10 19 3rd Step Up Screen (Video Example) 1:18 20 UCLA to Side Ballscreen (Video Example) 0:43 21 Low Middle Flat (Video Example) 0:53 22 Horns Rescreen Reject (Video Example) 1:20 23 Horns Flare Rescreen and Horns Read (Video Example) 1:05 24 4th Side Continuity and Ballscreen Motion (Video Example) 2:00 25 Floppy UCLA and Floppy to Post to Step Up (Video Example) 1:34 26 Inversion to Triple DHO and Inversion Screen Away DHO (Video Example) 1:30 27 Lane Line Side Ballscreen and Pin Ghost Flare (Video Example) 1:45 28 Lane Line Side Ballscreen and Pin Ghost Flare (Video Example) 1:27 29 1-4 Post and Post Kick to Ballscreen (Video Example) 1:27 30 Horns Clear to Drive and Late Clock X (Video Example) 1:28 31 Horns Clear to Drive, Late Clock X and X Clear Action (Video Example) 1:55

The Coach

Todd Simon is the Mens Basketball Head Coach at Southern Utah University. Simon led the Thunderbirds to their first ever Big Sky Championship during the 2020-21 season, as they were named Big Sky Conference Regular Season Champions after finishing conference play with a record of 12-2. Along with claiming the Regular Season Championship, Simon navigated his team to the No. 1 overall seed in the Big Sky Conference Tournament, and the first BYE to the quarterfinals that the program had ever received. Simon's Thunderbirds set a high bar that season finishing the regular season with a .864 winning percentage, which was the best in the program's Division I history. 

They also finished their Big Sky Conference schedule with a .857 winning percentage, shattering the previous high of .450. Along with the overall accolades, the Thunderbirds finished the season 14-0 at home. It was only the second time in the program's Division I history that they finished the regular season flawless at home, and marked the most victories at home in a single season in the program's DI tenure. At the conclusion of the season, Simon was named Big Sky Coach of the Year, NABC District 6 Coach of the Year, the winner of the 2021 Jim Phelan Award, and a finalist for the Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award and the Hugh Durham Award.

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