Program Organization Starter Pack

by Matt Hackenberg
Program Organization Starter Pack


This is 7 simple documents we use in our program to help keep us organized. It doesn't not include video, only written documents. If you feel like their are too many loose ends in your program, you are not alone, but these documents can help. The 7 documents include:

Season Checklist - This is a 150+ item checklist of all the things that need done within the program throughout the season. I always felt like identifying the tasks is step number one to being able to execute the way I want to within the program.

Preseason Parent Packet - After we make cuts, and around the time we start our official practices, we have a meeting with all the players and parents in the program. This meeting is a tone setter for the whole season and very important. This is where you sell your vision as a coach and set up all the boundaries and expectations for both the players and parents of the program. We go through, and send the parents home with, a large packet that includes all the key information and details for the season.

Practice Plan - This is a sample of three practice plans from a previous season. It lays out how we allocate our time and what we are going to track. Each coach is provided a plan each day.

Media Day Outline - This outline shows how we got all the promotional aspects of our program out of the way on one day early in the season. If you are going to try to promote your program, it's better to do it all at once instead of scrambling all throughout the season for various things.

Social Media Plan - This is another internal document our coaching staff used to divide and conquer the various social media outlets we divided to use. Executing on social media is becoming the status quo, so having a plan to execute is important. 

Newsletter - This is an actual newsletter we are using as a sample to see how we structure and promote things within our program. The image you promote to your community Is very important.

Middle School Evaluation Form - This is a form I give to the middle school coaches to use during tryouts. Sometimes we have upwards of 120 players trying out for 42 middle school spots, so we want to make sure everyone received an evaluation and that we have documentation if it was needed for any reason.


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