Read & React Offense: Practice Plan 2 - Layers 4-6
by Better Basketball

To win a basketball game, you need to score. In order to score, your players need to be able to quickly read the defense, react immediately, and use the most effective move possible for that situation. The Read and React system ties these two man reads into a seamless offense that can be adjusted to any set, formation, type of player, or style of play.

Once you’ve mastered the framework, you can customize Read and React to fit your personnel and the style of play your team needs to be successful. The Read and React offense is the best way to do this because it is a principled framework that gives your players the tools they need to anticipate the actions of the defense and respond with the best possible move. It is a system that can be drilled to the point of habit.

This section will work from reaction drills through 5 vs 0 offense, up to fast breaks and full court trips. 

1 Introduction
2 A Thought Regarding Filling Empty Spots in an Arc vs V Cut
3 Warm Up: Shot and Dribbling Development
Chapter 1: Reaction Drills
4 Review Choose Front or Rear Cut
5 Review Read Line
6 Review Laker Cuts with Contact
7 Review Double Dribble At
Chapter 2: New Reaction Drills
8 Natural Pitch
9 Safety Valve
10 Natural Pitch or Safety Valve
11 Safety Valve + Laker Cuts
12 Post Slides – Corner Drive
13 Post Slides – Top Drive
14 Post Slides – Wing Drive
15 Corner Come Back
16 Supplemental Drills
Chapter 3: Drill Time vs Scrimmage Time
17 Comparison
Chapter 4: Half Court Offense 5 vs 0
18 Coach Controlled Circle Movement 5 Out
19 Offensive Rebounding
20 Coach Controlled Circle Move 4 Out
21 Bounce Off Circle Move 5 Out
22 Bounce Off Circle Move 4 Out
23 Bounce Off Circle Move 3 Out
24 MIX Pass & Cut + Drive Circle Move 5 Out
25 MIX Dribble At + Drive Circle Move 5 Out
26 MIX Layers 1-4 5 Out
27 MIX Layers 1-5 4 Out
Chapter 5: Half Court 5 vs 5
28 Shell Defense vs Shell Offense
29 Shell Defense vs Drive Bounce Off
30 Shell Defense vs Layers 1-6
31 Shell Defense turns LIVE with Dribble
32 Shell Defense turns LIVE with Post Feed
33 LIVE Scrimmage Half Court
Chapter 6: Press Break 2-1-1
34 Introduction
35 Diamond + 1
36 Diamond + 1 LIVE
Chapter 7: Zone Attack
37 5 Out Pass & Cut #1
38 Safety Valve
39 5 Out Pass & Cut #2
Chapter 8: Full Court Trips
40 2 on 1, 3 on 2, “Press” Trips
41 LIVE Scrimmage

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