Read & React Tutorials: Training the Decision Box

Being able to choose the Next Best Action without the ball has mostly been left to chance. Most of us coaches can recognize a player with a high basketball I.Q. and we’re glad to get them. But how much time do we actually spend, with an organized plan, training everyone on the team to choose a Next Best Action? How much time do we really spend trying to increase our players’ basketball I.Q.? In Read & React Offense, the lane is the decision box. This video course will help you teach your players to make the best decisions without input from the coach. 

1 Stage 1: Teach
2 Stage 2: Transfer
3 Stage 3: Train

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Rick Torbett is the founder of offering Basketball Instructional and Training Videos offering detailed teaching for coaches and players. Torbett is also the creator of the Read and React Offense, one of the most popular and successful basketball coaching series on the market.

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