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Coach Rick Torbett is known worldwide for the development of the Read and React Offense, a system for implementing 5-player coordination without the use of set plays.  In this course, Rick Torbett will teach you adjustments to your teaching strategies when using the Read and React Offense when attacking Zone Defenses. As a Read and React coach, Coach Torbett does not want you to have to change from the Read and React actions that your team already knows. This course details how to take what your team already knows about the Read and React Offense and apply it to attacking zones. This course will cover strategies for how Rick Torbett would attack each type of Zone Defense. In addition, the course contains a comprehensive team drill library and detailed instructions on how to guide your team to implementing these actions from the Read and React Offense when facing Zone Defense.


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Excellent as always. This gives us a definitive go to and counter attack that is easy for coaches and players to understand and execute. We can’t wait to implement next week!

Oct 26, 17 09:47 PM

Ulysses Garcia

The development of the Zone Attack provides several benefits for R&R teams. The new details provide a simplified yet efficient approach to attack all zone defenses. Through the use of the nail and the flank teams are able to adjust their zone attack based on their personnel to put their team in the best position to be successful. Prior to the creation of the zone attack there were never any drills which incorporated zone principles. Teams would have to practice traditional R&R principles against zone defenses in order to get reps. The addition of details such as the nail and the flank allow teams to practice and drill habits against zone defense just as we do for man-to-man. The greatest part about the zone attack is that all of our R&R principles stay the same. The only real difference between a R&R zone attack versus a R&R man attack is in the way we cut. When we teach cutting against man-to-man our cuts are faster and more direct. Whereas, in a zone attack our cuts are much slower. We are looking to find the open space as opposed to just cutting to the basket. Training cuts against a zone actually makes players better cutters against a man-to-man defense. Against zone defense players are forced to slow down and read the open space. By slowing it down and reading the situation it teaches players to be smarter cutters. Thus, when we revert back to man-to-man even though we may speed our cuts up we will look to cut to open areas rather than just cutting to cut. The implementation of the zone attack will continue to build good habit within your team. The ability for coaches to strategize the use of the nail and the flank based on your team’s personnel makes this offense really difficult to defend. Through this simplified approach teams are presented with lots of different opportunities to attack any zone defense. It truly is amazing. Ulysses Garcia Connecticut Attack

Nov 3, 17 05:32 PM


When you teach it to your kids do you have them in a room and the team watch it on the projector screen

Oct 29, 17 10:32 PM


Easy to comprehend for ninth grade players. Now you don't have to try and shoot them out of it!!

Jan 15, 19 04:16 AM


Easy to comprehend for ninth grade players. Now you don't have to try and shoot them out of it!!

Jan 15, 19 04:16 AM

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