The Blocker-Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Masterclass

by Jim Boone
The Blocker-Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Masterclass


Legendary HOF Coach Jim Boone releases his Blocker Mover Approach to Motion Offense, A Masterclass Course, where he covers everything you need to know about this simplistic approach for both Players and Coaches. Coach Boone has provided very specific roles and responsibilities for Screeners and Cutters, in order to enhance and shorten the learning curve associated with Motion Offense. The Pairs Alignment provides specific Offensive Progressions for the Decision Maker creating a 1-2-3 thought process in getting to the Next Action. The Alignment creates specific movements for Driving opportunities and Bailout Passing options.  As well, Coach Boone reviews how to incorporate the modern day approach to offense with Ball Screen situations. And lastly, Coach will walk you through, with both instruction and video demonstation, how to develop the Offense. If you are looking to master your motion offense with a simplistic yet ultra successful approach, this course is for you.

Coach Boone's Motion Offense Five Teaching Layers: 

  • Layer 1: Pairs Alignment Basic Movement
  • Layer 2: Driving and Feeding the Low Post
  • Layer 3: Incorporating Ball Screens
  • Layer 4: Alignment Nuances
  • Layer 5: Offensive Development

Coach Boone breaks down Game and Practice Film into detail, sharing his lifetime of experience as a successful collegiate head coach on how to perfect your motion offense.


1 Blocker-Mover Approach to Motion Offense Introduction 5:29 2 Simplicity and Execution 4:50 3 What separates Good from Great programs? 7:05 4 Motion Offense Myths 4:58 5 Pairs Offense: Layer 1 Teaching 2:53 6 Offensive Progression: Decision Making 2:11 7 5-0 Offense - Pin Downs Only 1:34 8 5-0 Offense - Flare Screens and Re-screens 1:23 9 5-0 Offense - Teaching Restrictions 1:02 10 Pairs Alignment Breakdown 7:33 11 Pairs Offense: Layer 2 Penetration & Inside Game 2:56 12 Driving Baseline and Feeding the Low Post 3:45 13 Pairs Offense: Layer 3 Incorporating Ball Screens 2:17 14 Additional Ball Screen Situations 0:43 15 Pairs Offense Layers 4 & 5: Nuances & Development 3:00 16 Fundamentals First: The Key To Success 3:19 17 Pairs Offense Skill Development (Pre-Practice) 12:46 18 2/2 No Ball Screening: Creating Sparks 0:56 19 2/2 Flare Screen and Re-Screen: Reading the Defense 0:52 20 4/4 Pairs Screening: Attacking the Pin Down 0:18 21 4/4 Pairs Screening: Throw Over Flare and Attack 0:14 22 4/4 Pairs Screening: Attack Pin Down to Flare & Ball Screen 0:12 23 Questions, Alternate Alignments and Coaching Resources 9:38
Fall Coaches Clinic: Philosophy & Development of Pairs Offense
24 2021 Fall Clinic Power Point 25 2021 Fall Coaches Clinic: Philosophy and Development 1:19:06 26 Fall Clinic Team Practice: October 2 Practice Plan 27 Fall Clinic Practice: Emphasis on Pairs Offense Development 2:05:25
Game Footage: Pairs Scoring Actions
28 Attacking Pin Downs and Scoring Options 4:08 29 Flare Screen Actions 3:38 30 Post Slips 2:14 31 Ups & Low Post Scoring 3:24 32 Pairs Offense vs Pressure 3:13 33 Pairs Offense vs Switching Defense 0:52
Annual Free Fall Coaches Clinic
34 2022 Free Fall Coaches Clinic

The Coach


Jim Boone

Proven winner with over 600 career victories, 2 Final Fours, 6 Sweet 16's, an unprecedented 4 different schools to the NCAA Tournament. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!


What The Competition is Saying About Coach Boone's Offensive Approach

"Jim Boone is as good a teacher as their is in our game.  While Coach Boone is best known for his ability to build a high level defensive system, I have been equally impressed with his offensive scheme and execution. Their relentless ball and player movment along with quality purposeful screening makes them as tough to guard as anyone I've coached against.  They get their best players great shots consistently regardless of your defensive efforts. Jim Boone is a master teacher on both ends of the floor!"

Lennie Acuff, Head Coach Lipscomb University

"Coach Boone runs a 'Mover/Blocker' type of motion offense that is extremely difficult to defend.  What makes it so effective is how hard their players cut and screen, their timing is perfect and they force you to guard actions on both sides of the floor.  Because of that, it's difficult to get to any help positions once the ball is entered to a side. The two games we hated to prepare for every year were the games vs Coach Boone's teams at Delta State.   We knew we were in for a physical and demanding game for 40 minutes. I have tremendous respect for Coach Boone and how he runs his program."

Mike Helfer, Head Coach Valdosta State University

"Jim Boone is one of the best teachers of motion offense in the country.  His teams are always difficult to guard because of their screening and cutting.  His players have a great feel and understanding of reading the defense and making the correct move.  The screeners are always physical and wear down defenders which allows the best shooters to get more shots and open shots.  His teams are efficient and effective in creating quality scoring opportunities.  Jim Boone breaks down the offense and is a great teacher of motion whether he is teaching pairs, triangle, or five out."

Jeff Burkhamer, Head Coach West Florida University

"Coach Boone's Offense is a manifestation of their Program's Culture; Grit and Toughness.  It was a perfect compliment to their Blue Collar Defensive approach.  It made their Defense better and in turn, their patience and relentless screening made them very difficult to defend."

Nick Woodruff, Head Coach University of West Alabama

"After attending Coach Boone's Fall Clinic and watching his Mover-Blocker Approach to Motion Offense, A Master Class, we went away from our 5-Out Motion approach of over 40 years and adopted the Pairs Offense Mover/Blocker system.  We have experienced tremendous success with this system of play over the last four years, winning 80 games and a State Title while making the State Tournament each year.  Coach Boone certainly made big believers out of us with his approach and the Pairs Offense.  I would highly recommend the Master Class, regardless of your offensive system of play, you will garner several gold nuggets from Coach Boone's presentation." 

Allen Osborne, Head Coach Poca High School, WV

What They’re Saying About Coach Boone:

“Jim Boone is an outstanding person and coach. The University of Arkansas Fort Smith is very fortunate to have Coach Boone run their program. With over 500 wins, Jim is someone of courage, ability and a tremendous leader.”

– Mike Krzyzewski, HOF Head Coach Duke University

“Jim Boone is great, a great coach….he is as good a tactician as there is in the country….class guys play for Jim Boone.”
– Dan Dakich, ESPN College Basketball Analyst

“Coach Boone has established himself in the coaching community as one of the nation’s premier teachers. I have tremendous respect for Coach Boone. He is an outstanding basketball coach, and his basketball programs are synonymous with excellence.”
– Herb Sendek, Head Coach Santa Clara University

“Basketball, as it is taught by Coach Boone, is a formula for success. Jim Boone does not just teach basketball, he teaches life lessons. He has developed a philosophy that exceeds the boundaries of offense and defense. Jim’s programs have been yearly one of the nation’s most successful on any level, and the primary reason, is because he brings an overriding purpose to everything he does. ‘Commitment to Excellence,’ is the credo that Jim has used to oversee the values and principles that govern his teams.”
– Dale Brown, HOF Coach and retired Head Coach Louisiana State University

“Coach Boone’s knowledge of Motion Offense and his Pack Line Defense, coupled with his ability to teach it effectively is unparalleled. His teams are always fundamentally sound, extremely well coached and very, very good offensively and defensively.”
– Don Meyer, HOF Coach and retired Head Coach Northern State University

“No one, and I mean no one else does a better job of preparation, putting together a game plan, and then executing it than Coach Boone does with his teams. They were always the most prepared team we faced.”
– Tim Buckley, Former Head Coach Ball State University

Ratings and Reviews (3)

Allen Osborne

This course on offensive basketball is one of the best i have ever seen , if not the best. Coach Boone does a great job of illustrating how he installs the mover blocker motion offense. This course would be valuable for any coach because it shows all the different screens (flare, down, pin down, ball screens) in very detailed manners. The film clips are great. We have been running this offense for 4 years and we found nugget in this course that we know will make us better. Thanks , Coach Boone, outstanding job.

Jul 11, 22 11:20 AM

Terril Hankins


Aug 4, 22 04:28 PM


Very helpful implementing the blocker-mover offense.

Sep 6, 23 11:00 AM

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