The Read & React Offense

by Better Basketball
The Read & React Offense


The Read & React Offense is a great way to play basketball. Each time a new coach adopts it, the paradigm will shift with the program he or she applies it to. Whenever new methods become available, Read & React will be updated to bring you the absolute latest and greatest the offense has to offer. Rick has re-engineered the system to help coaches better teach and understand the concepts. This course contains a quick run-down of the first ten layers with updates.


1 Positionless Basketball: Getting Started 2 How Positionless Basketball is Engineered 3 Getting Started: The Format
Layer 1
4 Positionless Basketball: Pass East-West 5 Action A: Cutting 6 Action B: Filling 7 Action C: Spacing
Layer 2
8 Positionless Basketball: Pass North-South 9 Action A: Score on the Catch 10 Action B: The Passer’s Opportunity 11 Action C: Score After the Cut 12 Action D: Perimeter Scores
Layer 3
13 Positionless Basketball: Dribble East-West 14 Action A: Dribble-At 15 Action B: Double Dribble-At 16 Action C: Dribble-At Draft Drive 17 Action D: Double Dribble-At Draft Drive
Layer 4
18 Positionless Basketball: Dribble North-South 19 Action A: Perimeter Reactions 20 Action B: Post Reactions 21 Action C: Baseline Drive Reactions 22 Action D: Offensive Rebounding
Layer 5
23 Positionless Basketball: Pin & Skip 24 Layer 5: Pin & Skip 25 Action A: Who Sets The Pin Screen 26 Action B: East-West Pin Screens 27 Action C: North-South Pin Screens 28 Action D: Getting Them To Set Pin Screens
Layer 6
29 Positionless Basketball: Post Screens 30 Action A: Mid-Post Decisions 31 Action B: High Post Decisions 32 Action C: Deciding on Post Play 33 Action D: The 5 OUT Post Player 34 Action E: 4 OUT 1 IN Dynamics 35 Action F: 3 OUT 2 IN Dynamics 36 Action G: Post Play Suggestions
Layer 7
37 Positionless Basketball: Cutter Screens 38 Action A: Back Screens as Layer 2 39 Action B: Perimeter Back Screens 40 Action C: Screens on the Post 41 Action D: Multiple Screens 42 Action E: Is Ball Screen A Choice?
Layer 8
43 Positionless Basketball: Ball Screens 44 Action A: The Reverse Dribble 45 Action B: The Great Ball Screen Player 46 Action C: The Power Dribble 47 Action D: The Post Quarterback
Layer 9
48 Positionless Basketball: Extra Decisions 49 Action A: Feed the Post X-Cut 50 Action B: Choose the Right Cut 51 Action C: Advanced Post Slides 52 Action D: Circle Reverse
Layer 10
53 Positionless Basketball: Full Court 54 Action A: Random Transition 55 Action B: Breaking Presses 56 Action C: The Random Trap 57 Action D: TIP: Get Open Back Court 58 Action E: TIP: Finishing 2-on-1 59 Action F: TRAINING: Full-Court Trips

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