The Ram & Veer Action Playbook

by Coach Vann
The Ram & Veer Action Playbook



If you are having trouble with teams that like to hard hedge or trap all of your ball screens, then now you will have the answer with the Ram & Veer Action Playbook.

Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly once said that defenses couldn’t defend against two actions at once. This has been proven true over the years and, most recently, with the Golden State Warriors who utilized the Ram screen and Veer action to stifle defenses and win three championships in four years. 

The Ram & Veer Actions are very effective as they free up your screener, which makes it extremely difficult for the defense to defend against. Every coach should have these plays within their playbook to counter those overly aggressive defensive teams. Not only can this offense help free up your ball handlers to attack, but it will also allow your screeners to get some great open shots. These actions are also very effective in freeing up your best shooters as counteractions in how the defense chooses to defend these actions. 

If your ball screen offense needs some new life, take it to the next level. Counter pressure defenses and over-aggressiveness with actions defenses simply cannot stop. Don’t allow your pick and roll offense to be stopped! This is a must-have within any coach’s playbook and coaching library. Learn how to run the Ram & Veer actions today!



  • 118 Pages
  • 44 Ram Plays
  • 15 Veer Action & Wide Pin-down plays
  • 37 Drills to help teach Ram & Veer concepts to your team so you can quickly implement them within your offense


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Coach Vann

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I have been coaching Basketball for over 20+ years. I have coached at both The High School & Collegiate levels as well as ran my own AAU business for 10 years. I most recently coached at Northwest University (NAIA).

I wanted to create books that could help coaches get everything they needed all in 1 book. These books were created for both the top 1% of coaches as well as the newcomers wanting to learn. No matter what level you are at these books have something for you.

This is my life's work and I am sharing it with everyone. No secrets were held back in creating these books.

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