Transition Offence - from Atlanta Hawks Assistant Coach, Matt Hill

by Coach Liam Flynn
Transition Offence - from Atlanta Hawks Assistant Coach, Matt Hill


Atlanta Hawks Assistant Coach, Matt Hill, recently completed a series of coaching clinics in Australia.  This video is from his second clinic, in Melbourne, on the topic of 'Transition Offence'.  

Matt is one of the best in the NBA in the area of Player Development.  He has worked with NBA All-Stars Victor Oladipo, Nikola Vucevic and Vince Carter, as well as, NBA First Team All Rookie Trae Young.

In this clinic, Coach Hill takes the audience through the Atlanta Hawks' Transition Offence which created the 3rd highest quality of shots in the NBA (Shots in the paint and from the 3pt line) in the 2018-2019 season.  The video includes the method for how the Hawks divide the shot clock into phases, what they consider to be a great shot, how they space the floor and how they attack to create advantages.  He also goes into specific sets out of their "AB" and "C" spacing.  

The simplicity of the teaching, drilling, and the sets themselves, makes this video a must watch for coaches from the youth level all the way up to the professional ranks.


1 Video 1 - Introduction and Matt Hills background 2:03 2 Video 2 - Hawks Early Offence and Style of Play 0:51 3 Video 3 - Ideal shot locations in the Hawks Offence 0:58 4 Video 4 - The importance of having a common terminology 0:52 5 Video 5 - Three phases of the posession - Yellow, Red and Black Zones 1:31 6 Video 6 - Early Offence (Red Zone) Spacing 7:07 7 Video 7 - 5v0 Shooting - Drilling the Early Offence Spacing 3:20 8 Video 8 - AB and C Spacing 3:27 9 Video 9 - The importance of spacing behind the 4pt line 1:13 10 Video 10 - Teaching "AB Dribble at" 4:57 11 Video 11 - Finishing your cut and teaching the 'JAM' concept 1:08 12 Video 12 - "AB Dribble At" first time through. 3v0 "Summer time" drill 2:29 13 Video 13 - More "AB Dribble At" 2:15 14 Video 14 - AB Dribble at Jam 1:09 15 Video 15 - AB Dribble at - 3 passes and get in the paint 0:51 16 Video 16 - The importance of being decisive 0:34 17 Video 17 - AB Dribble at 0:22 18 Video 18 - Breaking down the technique of the Dribble Hand Off (DHO) 2:04 19 Video 19 - Shot selection 1:50 20 Video 20 - How the Hawks drill decision making on offence 1:48 21 Video 21 - The first 3 steps in transition offence 1:01 22 Video 22 - 5 man break review and adding paint touches 2:46 23 Video 23 - AB Counter - B Deny 2:03 24 Video 24 - B Deny Get 1:16 25 Video 25 - B Deny Rub 1:32 26 Video 26 - Communication is contagious 1:29 27 Video 27 - Offensive Rebounding and Transition Defensive philosophy 1:08 28 Video 28 - Pick up point for defence 0:49 29 Video 29 - AB Backside plus the concept of the Single Side I 2:25 30 Video 30 - Teaching Get action 1:59 31 Video 31 - Teaching Get Rub 1:18 32 Video 32 - Baseline Drive, Baseline Drift 0:52 33 Video 33 - 5v0 Get Rub again 0:38 34 Video 34 - 5v0 - four trips - AB Dribble At and Get Rub 3:47 35 Video 35 - Summary 2:33

The Coach

Matt Hill is entering his second season as an Assistant Coach with the Atlanta Hawks. 
Since being hired by Lloyd Pierce, Hill has overseen and implemented many of the Player Development processes the Hawks currently employ while remaining actively involved in the Hawks’ opponent scouting efforts. 
Prior to his tenure in Atlanta, Hill spent six seasons with the Orlando Magic, where he worked with three different head coaches: Jacque Vaughn, Scott Skiles and Frank Vogel.  Hill began his career with Orlando as Video Analyst/Opposition in 2012.  Hill was promoted to Manager of Advanced Scouting/Player Development in 2015 and ultimately to Assistant Coach during Vogel’s tenure.  During his time in Orlando he worked with such players as Victor Oladipo, Nik Vucevic, Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon.  Hill’s roles and responsibilities varied from on-court player development to preparing and delivering opponent scouting reports.
Following a decorated high school career at Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hill was named Nebraska’s Mr. Basketball and Gatorade Player of the Year.  Hill played basketball at The University of Texas from 2006-2011, where he served as team captain during the 2010-11 season.  Hill earned a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications from UT in 2010.

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