Ultimate Post-season Basketball Checklist

by Scott Peterman
Ultimate Post-season Basketball Checklist


Here’s what to do BEFORE spring gets here…[Ultimate Checklist!]

Hey Coach!

I’ll admit this upfront…

If I don’t write something down, it ceases to exist as far as my brain is concerned.

I rely heavily on lists and organizational tools.

That may be the teacher in me, but whatever the reason, I need structure to make the best use of my day…(who doesn’t!)

So when I saw this tool, I was floored.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I mean, every coach has a plan they go through to prep for their post-season “rituals”, but I’ve NEVER seen anything as detailed as this.

I literally put aside the forms and notes I’ve been using for years, and replaced them with this “secret weapon”.

Coach Derek Sheridan, who runs the show at Delta HS in Ohio, is my new favorite guy.

He’s gone over and above with this 39-page basketball-specific post-season planning tool.

Here are just a few of the 31 different topics that I ripped right from the Table of Contents:



Pg.             Topic

2 Preemptive Scheduling Checklist 

3 Varsity Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

4 Junior Varsity Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

5 Sophomore Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

6 Freshman Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

7 7th Grade Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

8 8th Grade Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

9 6th Grade Team’s Post Season Inventory Checklist

10 Awards Night/Banquet Checklist

11 Assistant Coaches Evaluations

12 Spring Open Gym & Weight Lifting Checklist

12 Summer Open Gym & Weight Lifting Checklist

12 Summer Shootout/League Contact Checklist (HS & MS)

13 Post-Regular Season Individual Player Evaluations Checklist

17 Hosting a Summer Basketball Camp Checklist

18 Summer League(s) Checklist

19 Hosting a Summer League

20 Summer Shootouts/Tournaments Scheduling Checklist

21 Hosting a Summer Shootout Checklist

22 Varsity Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

23 Junior Varsity End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

24 Sophomore Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

25 Freshman Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

26 8th Grade Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

27 7th Grade Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

28 6th Grade Team End-of-Season Inventory Checklist

29 Youth Basketball Team(s) Inventory Checklist

30 Post-Summer Competition Individual Player Evaluation Checklist

38 Post-Summer Competition Team Evaluation Checklist


And on and on…

Seriously, NASA could learn something from this simple and effective structure.

I think it’s awesome that one of “us” took the time to sit down and write this up…and then offered it to his colleagues.

Very cool.

You can have everything for personnel from drills to plays, and special situation work, all structured in an easy to use format.

This stuff is GOLD!

Anyway, he’s charging $17  for the whole thing!  

However, he did succeed in making it a “no brainer”…

 Anyway, I’m all in with this one.

See you courtside,

Scott “let me write this down” Peterman



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Scott Peterman

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Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop, Coach Scott Peterman has coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. Coach Peterman just felt that fellow coaches, especially young coaches, need to constantly work on their “game,” just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves.

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