Lason Perkins shows how to attack zone with a variety of set plays and he also includes sets to attack half-court traps and inbounds plays versus zone defense. The coaching course includes the basics of beating a zone defense, 23 set plays versus zone defenses, two inbounds under plays and finally two sets to attack half-court traps. Perkins uses white board diagrams to show the plays and then executes them on-court.

1 Introduction 04:44
Set Plays
2 Part 1 08:53
3 Part 2 09:16
4 Part 3 07:30
5 Part 4 06:38
6 Part 5 09:58
7 Part 6 05:49
8 Part 7 07:59
Other Plays
9 Inbounds Plays 05:58
10 Attacking Half Court Traps 07:01
11 Conclusion 02:06

LasonPerkins Lason Perkins Head Basketball Coach at Cary Academy

Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.

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