Intro to Batting : 
One has to hold the bat with one or both hands and stand in front of the stump. Its called the stance.   A stance is subjective to 3 sticks (stumps) that are placed behind you. You need to stand in front of it.   The three stumps are off, middle, and leg.   One has to stand on leg stump so that one is aligned with the line of the throw(bowling) which comes from approx. 22 yards.  


The Coach


Krishna Tunga

Think like a cricketer


I am Krishna Tunga, a cricket analyst, living in Mumbai, India. I am the founder and creator of  I have worked for international cricket teams, and also with the media to analyse performance and explore winning behaviours. I have spent the last fifteen years developing my skills as an observer and analyst of performance. During this time I have directed my own learning and acquired expertise in data acquisition, management and analysis. Here on Coach Tube i would teach the basics of cricket. All 3 skills, batting, bowling and fielding. I would be more than happy to coach a team, or even one on one basis. I am honored to get this opportunity on Coach tube.  

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