Intro to Cricket

Cricket is a striking game and does have similarities with baseball and softball. It is distinguished by the laws of the game. It is a dynamic game that is affected by the pitches upon which it is played. This leads to a wide variety of technical and tactical demands that are the focus of this course.  

1 How to find a dominant eye 03:41
2 Fun Playing - Short of Length to Short 01:18
3 Fun Playing - Fuller Length 01:45
Bowling fundamentals
Intro to Cricket
4 Bowling 05:53
How to leave a ball
5 Batting balance

allthatcricket Krishna Tunga Think like a cricketer

I am Krishna Tunga, a cricket analyst, living in Mumbai, India. I am the founder and creator of  I have worked for international cricket teams, and also with the media to analyse performance and explore winning behaviours. I have spent the last fifteen years developing my skills as an observer and analyst of performance. During this time I have directed my own learning and acquired expertise in data acquisition, management and analysis. Here on Coach Tube i would teach the basics of cricket. All 3 skills, batting, bowling and fielding. I would be more than happy to coach a team, or even one on one basis. I am honored to get this opportunity on Coach tube.  

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