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Cricket is a striking game and does have similarities with baseball and softball. It is distinguished by the laws of the game. It is a dynamic game that is affected by the pitches upon which it is played. This leads to a wide variety of technical and tactical demands that are the focus of this course. A player's character is a combination of technical, physical, mental and tactical skills. It is a unique game and rules and regulation governs the game. Along with baseball its only sport that has contradictory skills used at same time!. It lacks momentum and it is the longest sport played!.

Cricket as a game has three format, Test cricket, One day cricket and T20 cricket. The oldest(1877) is Test cricket which is played for 5-days.

A Test match is played in 2 inns by two teams, and they can bat for unlimited time period till end of 5th day. A day consists of 90-overs and 6 balls are bowled in one over. A Test match has four outcome i.e  win, loss, drawn and tied. Players wear white clothes and use red ball with white sight screen. A match(all format) is officiated by two umpires on field, and 3 from TV-box.

A test match is played in bilateral contest, and now they have Test Championship played every 4 years.

Then came One-day cricket which is played for one day with each team playing one innings of 50-overs. It can also be played under-lights in a day/night match. Like Test match cricket, ODI (short for One day cricket) has four outcomes, i.e win, loss, tied and abandoned. A one-day cricket can be played bilateral or with any number of teams. Every 4 years there are tournaments played to decide Championships. There is Asia Cup, Champions Trophy and a World Cup.

Then there is T20 cricket, the most popular among fans!. It is played in 3 hours period with each team playing one innings of 20-overs. Unlike Test and ODI cricket, T20 has only two outcomes, i.e win and loss. In case of a tied match, then one-over dual is played to decide the winner. Usually this format is played at night.

In last 5 years cricket has seen massive changes, both in terms technology, rules and development.

Test cricket has a new development. It is played under lights with pink ball. The rules and length of game remains same. It starts in mid-afternoon till 9 pm. Now, almost every country now has one Test match under lights.



The Coach


Krishna Tunga

Think like a cricketer


I am Krishna Tunga, a cricket analyst, living in Mumbai, India. I am the founder and creator of  I have worked for international cricket teams, and also with the media to analyse performance and explore winning behaviours.
I have spent the last fifteen years developing my skills as an observer and analyst of performance. During this time I have directed my own learning and acquired expertise in data acquisition, management and analysis. 
Here on Coach Tube i would teach the basics of cricket. All 3 skills, batting, bowling and fielding. I would be more than happy to coach a team, or even one on one basis. I am honored to get this opportunity on Coach tube. 

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