Dirt Rally - Fanatec CSL Elite (PS4 ver.) Ideal Wheel Settings

The Fanatec CSL Elite is the ideal wheel to play Dirt Rally with, as it has the technology to properly simulate the force feedback and physics of the simulator, allowing you the fully rallying experience and giving you more resources to properly drive the cars as they are meant to.

Note: The PS4 version of this wheel works seamlessly on the PC as well.

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SimRonnie RallyeRonnie Sim Rallying Enthusiast

I've logged cloe to 200+ hours over the PC and PS4 platforms, and put together a full Fanatec rig to get the entire experience. Im a gamer at heart, but honestly, Dirt Rally just provides an intense racing experience that makes a VR version of Burnout seem laughable. And that's why I love it.

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Amazing! Very helpful!
Nov 29, 18 06:28 AM